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I am trying to make changes to my home network to re-locate my router in the middle of the house versus the basement. My configuration today is:

Cable Modem -> wireless router -> multiple NW attached devices (Printers & PCs) and switch -> PCs or additional switch to PCs

(Note – all equipment names/types described below)

Everything works fine. Router is DHCP server; all addresses are standard 192.169.16.x with gateway at …16.1. All devices except for printers dynamically obtain the IP address from the router. Life is good…so it’s time for a change.

Currently, my cable modem, router, and first switch reside in the basement. Wireless signal in the upstairs bedroom, opposite corner from the router is relatively weak. The goal is to improve that without (hopefully) buying any additional equipment such as a wireless access point or extender.

I have a number of wired connections that terminate at one location in the basement which is why I am using the switch there. I also have a wire that runs from the basement to another switch under my desk above the basement for multiple additional connections.

What I would like to do, if at all possible, is to move the router up to the main floor from the basement. My thought is to setup the connections as follows:

Cable modem -> switch -> switch and wireless router -> devices

I would still want the router to “handle” all of the internet traffic and provide all of the IP addresses for the devices on the network just as it does today. Another way of saying it is, can I extend the WAN connection from my cable modem to the WAN port on the router by going though a switch that has multiple devices connected to it? Is this possible and, if so, how do I accomplish this?

Thank you in advance.

Linksys Cable Modem
Netgear Wireless Router – WNDR3700
Netgear Wired Switches – GS608
Netgear Wired Adapter – GA311
Running Windows 7 and Windows XP with latest maintenance
Various printers: two wired and one wireless

netgear wireless router has a lot of great features but unfortunately, its transmit power is very low compared to other brands that’s why you are getting a very weak signal strength out of your wireless devices like laptops.

Here are my suggestions(if you don’t want to purchase any other equipments):
1. change the network setup.

———>switch (bedroom floor)
internet<—— cable modem ——–> wireless router (upper floor/ground floor)
——->switch (basement)

*correct me if I’ve mistaken your flooring

2. try to install your netgear wireless router as high as possible so that it can transmit its signal much wider.

**with this topology, I believe, it will somehow improve your wireless signal strength over your wireless devices.

**also, try to download “inSSIDer” at to monitor your signal strength over your place.

both switch are connected to your wireless router, I believe netgear has 4 available ports.

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