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Hi. I have some routing experience but I don't have much experience routing over a service providers MPLS network and had some questions.. Say I had 3 sites in different cities. I want to be able to route my data traffice to each site. I would like to use a MPLS provider. Does the provider hand-off copper and/or fiber to me? If fiber, is it usually single mode for anything above 10 megabits? Would the hand-off be a layer 2 or 3 hand-off? If layer 2, do I trunk with the providers directly connected interface/port? If layer 3, do I "peer" with the providers directly connected interface with a routing protocol? If I want to use EIGRP between my 3 sites, can I configure them to all be in the same AS? I'm assuming I would need a layer2 and or layer 3 device at each of the locations to interface into the provider. What type of router/layer3 switch would be good for something like this? (Must be able to handle heavy traffic. Say, sustained 40 megabit throughput throughout the day.) Does anyone know of or have any configuration samples/diagrams of the "customer side" of routing over MPLS? (I've seen a lot of docs on configuring MPLS but that's not what I want to do.) My goal is to interface with the carrier to use their backbone and just pass/route my data-traffic to my different sites. Any advice/pointers/help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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All of the configurations depend on what you decide with your Service Provider. Usually they will setup a RJ45 connection at your locations. Unmanaged MPLS connections require you to purchase, configure, and maintain your own routers.

EIGRP may not be possible unless the ISP provides that option; the ISPs configure their own routing using BGP. Work with your ISP on the routing, but they may not be very helpful, so static routing may be a simple solution.

Let me know if you need any more information.

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