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I have a laptop & a desktop, both having Windows XP professional. Both have LAN card on them. I want to connect them using the LAN do i go about it. I tried using the network connections wizard, after hooking them up thru the wire..but it did not help....Pls advise. regards

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The first thing you need to do is, if you are connecting the computers without a hub, you must use a “crossover” cable. These can be obtained from any corner computer store or one of the big guys. Once you have the computers connected this way, the ret is pretty easy.

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  • Atomas
    You will need a crossover patch cord between them, or use a switch/hub. Put both in the same IP subnet. You can have one with IP "x.x.x.x" with default gateway "x.x.x.y" and do the opposite for the other one.
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  • Lance01
    You could either buy the crossover cables already made at any networking shop or better still create one (which is better as you'd determine how long it should be yourself) if you have an RJ45 crimping tool. You can find step by step instructions of creating a crossover cable on a lot of sites like: WHen that is done, all you've got to do is use your network creation wizard to setup a LAN. That is prety easy with XP Pro. You could also buy a swith to enable you expand (ie if you intend to add more computers in the future, but the cheapest for now is getting the crossover cable).
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  • Arakes
    You will need to have a cable called a cross over cable to do this. Once you have the machines connected with the cable manually assin an IP to the first ( and set the subnet as with a defualt gateway of its own IP. Set up the second PC with a manual IP and set it as ( with tha same subnet and the defualt gateway of the first. That should work.
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  • Boardinhank
    FYI if you plug them in with the cross over cable and reboot (or ipconfig /release then /renew) them you will get a manually assigned 169.x.x.x address.. neither of which will conflict.. If you have both of them in the same workgroup you will see each other in xp even if they are not in the same work group you will still probably see them. As long as your firewalls are not turned on. get yourself some IP addresses and workgroups and you will do it all pretty smooth like.
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  • Bobkberg
    All of the replies above are valid, but they overlook the Windows portion of the configuration. You will probably also have to configure the software firewall on one or both of the computers so that it "trusts" the others. If you are using the default Windows XP firewall, that can be configured through the firewall applet in the Control Panel. If you are using a third-party firewall (such as Norton/Symantec, McAfee, etc.) then you'll have to make the configuration changes through those respective applications. You might also want to check to see if the workgroup names are the same. If your laptop is for your work, it may be part of a Domain, which would require some reconfiguration for which you lack authority. If that is the case, then get an FTP server to bypass the windows security controls. My personal favorite is the Bullet-Proof FTP server. You set up your users, passwords, folders and permissions, and then you can use your web browser to drag and drop files that way. Hope that helps - and Happy New Year, Bob
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