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I need to connect to an Oracle database from an AS/400 (RPG III/CL program). Because I need to get some data. How can I do it? What do I need?

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<i>…connect to an Oracle database</i>

Since Oracle is the vendor, you need to contact them to ask how to get their driver. The database vendor is always responsible for making drivers available for their products. AFAIK, it can be costly, but I haven’t heard of anyone going that route for a couple years.

One common alternative driver is Oracle’s JDBC Type 4 driver. (A Type 4 driver is essentially written in Java, so it runs on any standard JVM.) Then call Java from your RPG.

I’m not aware of RPG III being capable of calling Java, so you’ll need to create an ILE wrapper that calls Java, and then call the ILE wrapper from your RPG III. Most likely, your ILE wrapper would be written with RPG IV.


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  • r.otto
  • Teandy
    This link may help: Scroll down to the presentation on Accessing External Databases from RPG
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  • TomLiotta
    Scott Klement's info is as good as you'll find anywhere. The page link lets you get to the Accessing External Databases from RPG PDF presentation. If anything gets you going, that will probably do it. Tom
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  • NullFields
    We've used the product described in the link from R.otto. I can only say only bad things about it. It starts with the comment already stated: "Unfortunately even product specialists of Oracle in the Netherlands have no knowledge of what it is nor how to get it." That statement is a perfect example of the Oracle support when the product stopped worked as expected, which was more frequent then you would expect. The product installs an entry into the relational DB Directory (WRKRDBDIRE) that points to a driver program to manage the connection and SQL requests. This program needed an upgrade for each i5 OS upgrade or Oracle DB upgrade we received. Sometimes that upgrade wasn't coded yet, so we were receiving hot fixes to keep our upgrade on schedule. We were not getting a timely response unless we logged the problem with Oracle in their highest category. That then required our staff to be present 24/7 until the problem was down graded or closed/fixed. Not fun when the support staff from oracle was 10 time zones away. Our plan has been to prevent any more in-house applications from utilizing this product and as quickly as we can, remove it from the products that do use it. One avenue we have looked at is the Scott Klement product mentioned already, and we have liked it so far. Hope this helps.
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  • WalterD
    Please look at Scott C. Klement'articles for your answer at and
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  • Benderd
    ... there is an alternative to the Oracle Transparent Gateway. Open source solution ArdGate is working similar to it, but could access all JDBC capable databases and it runs on all AS/400 with Java 1.5 or later. It would even run on older systems, as the java part is installable to another Box with JVM 1.5 (could be Wintel or Linux, or whatever). Using ArdGate the Oracle (or nearly every other database) could be accesses by all AS/400 SQL interfaces (embedded SQL, interactive SQL, QM Query, RUNSQLSTM) Dieter Bender … there is an Open Source alternative solution available. Using ArdGate, you could access all JDBC databases direct from COBOL or RPG applications, using embedded SQL. Installation and configuration is done in less than a half day. Dieter Bender Access any Database from ADABAS to XBASE with embedded SQL in RPG.
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