Connect to a Vista laptop in the field without any remote software.

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How can we connect to a remote laptop running Vista Pro in the field to run an AV scan and a Malwarebytes scan? Can we initiate this over the net without any pre-installed software?

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Try the ChrisControl utility. It will permit you to connect to a remote system using RDP or VNC (which can be installed & removed using this application). You will need to be sure the remote system has appropriate firewall rules and authentication configured otherwise you won’t be able to do anything. There are also some other solutions out there using LogMeIn, ShowMyPC or similar tools for remote access.

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  • Stevesz
    We use UltraVNC in a nice package that a user, under our direction, can download from out web site. we have not run into any firewall problems with it, and you can set the port on which it comunicates. At your firewall, you have the used port forwarded to your machine's internal IP address, meaning you need a static IP on those machines which are used for remote support. It is pretty cool, easy to configure and a snap for the end user to run. We normally have them just dl it and run in one step, but in some cases we have them save it to their daktop and double click to run it. The user then selects the ID you use to start the process, and their machine connects to yours. On your designated machine(s), you install the server in listen mode, which is always up and running. When you end the session, the program on the user's machine exits. Our clients like it since they then feel they feel they are in control of the remote session, and that we cannot get into their machine without them knowing about it (people can be very protective of their data even when they don't follow the procedures to make sure it is there when they need it <g>). The only real issue is when the Internet connection is not viable, in which case you need physical access to the machine. You can have a look at it at UltraVnc SC - Online Creator. this brings you to the creator page, but you can use the links on that page to go through the whole site. I have that page4 bookmarked for when I need to make changes to the program.
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  • carlosdl
    We use DameWare, a set of utilities that includes a remote control application, which can automatically install the client software on the remote machine (provided you have the appropriate credentials) and remove it after the session ends if you want to. It is a licensed product though.
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