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hi  david,

Ihave five computers connected to switch1 iwant them in Vlan1 and another five computers connected to another switch2  iwant them inVln2 then the2swiths connetd to switch3 then router wht should I do to onfig this network

Software/Hardware used:
3switch and router

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Hello Mahmoudkdry,

In order to prevent us from starting to “imagine things” and you from wasting your time ;-), it would be very beneficial to each other if you can tell us the make and model of those switches and router. (You might want to do something that isn’t possible with them… )

This way our help will be much more precise and concise.

Please post back.


a Quick, generic set-up could go something like:

– Switch1 for VLAN 1
– All ports as Access (untagged) on VLAN 1
– Link to Switch 3 can either be either Access (untagged) or trunk link (tagged)

– Switch2 for VLAN 2
– All Ports as Access (untagged) on VLAN 2
– Link to Switch 3 can be Access (untagged) or trunk (tagged)

– Switch 3
– Port that Switch1 comes in on can be untagged for VLAN1 to allow proper traffic flow
Set the Link to tagged (trunk) port for VLAN communication
– Set the Port that Switch 2 connects with as either a trunk (tagged) port, or untagged (access) port on VLAN 2
– The port connecting to the router could be a tagged port – to allow for BOTH VLANs to pass traffic to it

– Router
– If possible, set up either subinterfaces on the link coming from Switch 3 to support the VLANs on Switches 1 and 2,
If your router has several ports (like most SonicWalls), set up a port for each VLAN, and run 2 links from Switch 3 to the router, one for each VLAN /Switch connection

Hope that was generic enough and clear as mud for you… 🙂

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  • Chippy088
    Vlans are normally a way to divide a large managed switch into smaller collision zones. You didn't say whether they are managed, but if you are putting Vlans on them, they must be. You need to read up on setting up inter switch trunking. It is well covered in the Cisco CCNA syllabus. Well, it was when I did my training.
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  • LinuxCiscoman
    We absolutely need to know the equipment and then I'm sure we can figure something out. Cheers, Paul Netlock Systems
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  • Featured Member: LinuxCiscoman - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] Connecting switches to the router [...]
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