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Netgear FS726TP
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I am not a trained network specialist, but I'm installing a network at our church. We have a NetGear FS726T switch and a WG102 access point. We want to have to two VLANs: one to be used by the staff with full access to all of the devices on the network and to the Internet; and the other to be used by guests with access only to the Internet. I have the Staff profile (1) and the guest profile (2) set up in the access point, but am having problems configuring the switch.

Can you tell me what the proper VLAN configuration and PVID setting would be for this scenario? The Internet connection is on port 18 and the access point is on port 22. All of the other ports are used by "wired" devices. Thank you!

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NetGear FS726T

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The first issue you will have, is that a router will be needed if you are using more than one VLAN. I suspect the service provider owns and configures the Internet router, so you can not use that one, and the switch will not do the same function on it’s own.

If you don’t have it already, download the manual for the switch at
and the SmartWizard software to access the GUI on the switch at

You should also download another document from Netgear, that effectively tells you how to do what you are asking, and gives step by step instructions, with illustrations as well. That is far better than we can do here, so go to and get that document as well.

If you read that second one, it does include the config of the router. One point it also makes is that there is no layer 3 separation between the VLANs. What that means is that a person on one VLAN, can access resources on the other VLAN. To prevent that you use an access-control list. To do that will depend on the router you are using. If you do go that far, then post back here with the make and model, and we can help you with this.

I hope that gives you some start with this. It is unfortunate that you are likely to need more equipment, but what you propose is possible if you do get a router.

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  • Krused1
    Thank you for the quick and informative response! I will certainly get a router so we can get this to work for us. I have some follow-up questions if you don't mind: - I assume that the sequence in which the hardware is connected is DSL modem => router => switch, right? Do I have the access point(s) connected to the router or to the switch? - Are there any technical specifications that I need to ensure that the router I purchase satisfies to do what I want? - If we get a router, we want a good firewall and be able to have VPN for remote user access. However we are a church and have limited funds, so it needs to be relatively inexpensive. Is there a NetGear router that you would recommend to us? Thanks again!
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  • Krused1
    Actually, upon firther investigation, our DSL modem is also a router! Here is the link to the specifications: I'm thinking that there may be something that isn't configured within the modem/router that is stopping me from doing what I want to do. Any hints on what to investigate?
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