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Conditional formatting
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I have three columns, Column 1 = Start Date Column 2 = End Date Column 3 = Close Date I need to place a conditional format or and "IF" statement on columns 2 and 3. Stating if column 2 is after or 1 month from today's date highlight in RED. And column 3 should state if column 3 is less than 3 months from todays date highlight in yellow. Please HELP!!!

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This is typically done by Conditional formatting option. I have Excel 2007 & it is very easy.
The formula will be like ; > = Today() + 30 for Col 2
< = Today() + 90 for column 3
Just Hit F1 & search for Conditional Formatting – you will get the details.

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  • Twlp123
    if you use excel 2007, then follow this instruction:- 1. open excel spreadsheet 2. at the home tab, styles grouping, click on Conditional Formatting 3. select new rule. a new formatting window pops up. 4. from Select a rule type box, select "Use a formular to determine which cells to format' 5. here you edit the rule description, and at the "Format values where this formular is true" field, type the following (note the spaces in the formular) =B3 >= Today() + 30 (I'm assuming that the End Date is at cell B3) 6. click on format button and the format cell window will popup 7.from format cell window, select font tab, and click on color field for dropdown theme color menu. 8. select red color 9. click ok on format cell window 10. select ok on New Formatting rule window done go to cell B3 and type in a date and see the result. as for close date, do the same as above but type the following instead =B4 >= Today() + 90, and select the yellow font color from the format cell window.I'm assuming that the close date is at cell B4 if you want to make the cell absolute add the $ sign as in =$B$3 instead of B3 cheers
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  • Findsarfaraz
    For month condition use the formula below =IF(TODAY()>DATE(YEAR(B2),MONTH(B2)+1,DAY(B2)),1,0) For 3 month condition use the formula below IF(TODAY()>DATE(YEAR(B3),MONTH(B3)+3,DAY(B3)),1,0) This is accurate method when you say 1 month and 3 months... as not necessarily 30 days = 1 month or 90 days = 3 months Regards, Sarfaraz Ahmed MS Excel help
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  • SbElectric
    Good Job, Sarfaraz! Yes, to consider 1 month or 3 moths away one should use your formula. I just browsed thru your web-site. Nice site for someone who is interesting in broadening Excel knowledge. I recommend to others.
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