Computers are barely functioning or hacked

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I know nothing about computers. Not sure how I got here and signed in? I have two desktops, two tablets and two smartphones. Also just received my new laptop today. Besides the new one not yet touched each of my computers are either barely functioning, hacked or too full of nonsense to function at all. That is besides my note 3 cell & my granddaughters iPhone 6. Can't find technical support to get me out of this jam and help my granddaughter and I get this stuff fixed and be able to use everything properly. I know I'm in the wrong ace. Don't guess anyone can help??

Software/Hardware used:
pay AT&T lots of money each month for internet & WiFi just realized I had Norton antivirus? also pay Verizon for data on my note 3 phone and pay Sprint for data on apple 6plus

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  • ToddN2000
    If you have access to a clean PC you can try downloading a good antivirus program like Malwarbyes, Spybot Search and Destroy, both are free, and install it on one of the affected computers. I recommend booting it up in safe mode, install then run the program and see what it finds. As for mobile devices, I run AVG antivirus (free) on my Samsung Galaxy tab and have good luck with it.
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  • TheRealRaven
    Running computers without training is like trying to run a taxi without learning to drive or running a restaurant kitchen with learning to cook or... well, it's like jumping into any complex job without first learning how to do the work.

    Some tasks are easy, like driving to the local market and back home or toasting bread and scrambling eggs. But once you connect a computer system to the internet and begin interacting effectively as an equal with every other user on the planet, you're a novice in the midst of true experts. You're taking passengers into unfamiliar, troubled neighborhoods in a large metropolitan area.

    And it's worse if you let others drive. There's no telling what accidents or driving violations might accumulate.

    It's a simple fact. Computers are complex, and they require training to be used effectively and safely. Just because they're affordable doesn't make them appropriate for every usage.

    There possibly is no service that can help you as you need. That is, unless you'd consider a local community college as a 'service'. The problem is that those who do it for a living do it to earn money. And those who are mostly just other basic users only have knowledge that (might have) worked for them but might not fit your patterns at all.

    You can review many forums about specific sounding problems and find a dozen or more "solutions". Each "solution" worked for the one who posted it, and others will point out that it didn't work for them but this other thing did. It's from the complexity of the systems and the variations of usages. It takes a lot of training and experience to catch the tiny hidden details.

    So, you either undergo the training yourself or you pay for the expertise of someone else. (Or, of course, you stumble from one situation to another, perhaps never getting anything actually corrected but only masked.)

    You can do the basic stuff. Install AV, anti-malware, etc., keep the OS up to date, and still find trouble. I've "fixed" the same friends' PCs multiple times and found the same residue of unsafe practices. It's just rarely possible to instill the necessary discipline without extended training in fundamentals. Friends don't want to take the time, and I can't afford to donate the time. Not if I also want time for my wife, my kids, my house,... for life. I'm pretty most others in similar positions are like me.

    In short, there is no easy answer. It costs money and it takes effort. Effort is at least needed in trying different technical resources. It's almost certain that a forum like this one won't be much help. You need general help; and this site is for specific, detailed help, ideally from other professionals. Unfortunately, most other forums won't be much help either, for reasons already noted above.

    You need to find a local service, a business. The general alternative is continued experience as you now have. Create a relationship. It can require trying more than one place, but it's really your best option.
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