Computer powers on for a moment, then shuts off :(

Internal hard drives
LED Light
motherboard issues
I've been having a problem with a desktop computer.
What's strange is that this computer has a history of issues, but after reseating and tinkering with a couple things, I've always managed to get it to work again.
Not this time.
What'll happen is, upon hitting the power on button, the lights on the tower will flash on, then back off, and the computer seemingly doesn't start up. I've tried everything the SSD memory, the network card, and the GPU to see if it'll start up without those. It doesn't.

Whatever the problem is, I'm thinking it must be something that could happen easily, but be (somehow) fixed and not be disruptive for weeks. The issue began when I found I accidentally left my computer on for at least a day, then went to unlock it; then it shut down. It was working normally up until then, and the lock screen was displaying.

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It’s possible it may be a hardware issue like something overheated or you have issues with your power supply. Those are “fun” to replace. IT may also be virus related. Try booting the computer in safe mode and run a good antivirus program like Malwarebytes or MWAV,  Double check all you connections and make sure the memory is facing the right way. A friend of mine put one memory chip facing the wrong way and his system would not boot.

Another possibility that some may forget. Depending on the age of your computer, if over 5-7 years,  a weak CMOS battery may prevent your computer from booting up.

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  • TheRealRaven
    What is (make/model) the device? What OS is it running? Can you boot into BIOS (or UEFI)? Does the fan seem to start and run properly? If there's been various issues over time, I'd expect that it's all been vacuumed inside and/or dust blown out.

    If possible, change the boot process to display as much info as possible. Try to note how far it gets and post back here.

    If it's never been on "for at least a day" before, a heating problem might be involved, though it seems unlikely. Most things expand as they warm, and motherboards or other components can sometimes expand in a way that causes warpage. In tight spaces, warpage can cause two components to contact when they shouldn't -- short circuit.
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  • ToddN2000
    You mention it has a history of issues. What issues have you fixed and how old is the computer?  It may be signs of old age or damage due to multiple repairs. It could be related to a specific repair and and each would have it's own troubleshooting to resolve. 
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