Computer does not detect SATA hard drive in BIOS

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Please help! Brand new hard drive 160Gb Samsung SATA. BIOS does not detect it, I tried everything. From replacing the "data cables", "power converter plugs" on the power supply, upgrading my BIOS. There is no RAID setting in my BIOS only the option to "enable/disable SATA". The BIOS detect it once and I installed my operating system, after the first boot (no hard drive!!!). The BIOS tries to detect my previous hard drive that crashed when I connect it, but with this new one it does not even try to detect it. I took it back to the company for testing where I bought it and there is nothing wrong with it. What now! Could it be my power supply or mother board?

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You need to get a SATA driver and load it on a floppy disk. When you boot to install Windows use the F6 key at the start to install additional drivers. Pop in the floppy disk and if you have the correct drivers, you will see the hard drive.

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  • Dwiebesick
    Mshen Your suggestion is not applicable to this situation. He said his hard drive is not detected in BIOS. This has nothing to do with the operating system. Now for your problem, if I understand you correctly; you were initially able to install the hard drive, your BIOS correctly detected it and you successfully installed an operating system, if not please clarify. Now your computer does not detect the hard drive in BIOS. You had the hard drive tested and they reported nothing wrong with it. It appears that you have done good troubleshooting Check in your area for a user group of techies that may be able to loan you a power supply, SATA data cable (and possibly a SATA drive) for testing. Troubleshooting by replacement is about the only thing left for you at this time. There is no way you can afford the equipment to test the motherboard (you are not the manufacturer). You could also have the techie group test your hard drive in a different computer. If you have another computer to use, there are SATA to USB adapters where you could connect this SATA drive and do your own test. The adapters are not that expensive.
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  • Dion
    Thanx Mshen for your info on my problem. Just hope now the power supply is the problem and not my motherboard SATA controller.
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  • mshen
    Dwiebesick, in IT you have to try to interpret the problem that the user is having. They don't always tell you the exact problem. If the hard drive does not appear when they are trying to install Windows, most of the time they don't have the additional driver for SATA. It is a common problem with SATA and Windows XP. They usually tell you it is the bios because they have not installed Windows yet.
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