Computer continually reboots

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Microsoft Windows XP
Windows XP Professional
I reformatted a hard drive and reinstalled XP Pro; I was able to install Office and antivirus. But then for no apparent reason, the computer reboots immediately after login. I have no idea whether this is a hardware or a software problem. Does anyone have any insights? Thanks

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Was this happening before the hard drive re-formatting?

Please check with your hardware Setting.

It could be a number of things.

I would check the power supply unit and the fans.

What happens if you reboot the machine but you don’t log in ? does it reboot after some time ?

Have you tried rebooting the machine in safe mode ? If it does not reboot when in safe mode, then the problem is probably not hardware. Maybe some incorrect driver.


Also check your event logs and see if there are any errors occurring before the reboots. Try re-seating your memory as well.

If this is a fresh rebuild, you may be better off restarting and trying again and see if the problem exists a second time. As previously mentioned, reseat all memory & removable devices (CD/DVD, network, etc.) Can you boot to a CD-ROM? Try the UBCD4Win (Ultimate Boot CD for Windows) It may permit you to look at the disk and other devices to see if there are issues.

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  • Britinga
    Thanks for the suggestions. The reason I reformatted was because of extreme sluggishness (the computer, not me.) It's stopped rebooting and now simply freezes at the login screen - neither the mouse nor keyboard works. I'll try reseating the memory, drives, and if necessary I'll reinstall the OS. Thanks again for the response.
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  • carlosdl
    Make sure you have all drivers before re-installing the OS.
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  • Stiltner
    No beep codes from the PC to indicate any errors. Start checking cables and connections, make sure everything is seated properly. Verify the CPU fan is operational and not clogged up with dust bunnies. When you reinstalled the OS, did you go straight to Windows update and install all the patches prior to making it face anything else on the net? (go to other sites to download drivers, etc etc). While I HIGHLY doubt thats the problem, you may have been infected if you did not completely patch the OS prior to starting to use it for surfing around. Another thing, verify your HD is not dying, does it have SMART enabled, do you get errors from it, even warning messages, anything. Past that, I'd say verify BIOS settings, and / or go into the BIOS and do a reset of all the settings in there, and redoing the necessary ones such as time/date and then restart the machine and see what happens.
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  • Findsarfaraz
    Also, I would suggest you to start computer in SAFE mode. For further help with starting computer in safe mode check If the computer works fine good in safe mode then hardware error is ruled out. Regards, Sarfaraz ahmed MS Excel help
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  • Lusy
    Usually this kind of problem occur due to hard drive error. You need to run disk drive checking windows utility. To do that follow these steps: > Boot you computer with XP Operating System disk and go to the recovery console > Now in recovery console you would have to run the command "chkdsk" > After that restart the computer once. If you are facing still same problem, then please visit at :

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