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In Oracle, I can do: Select * from table where field1 || field2 in ('01XX','02YY','03ZZ') ; Where field1 has values of 01,02,03 and field2 has values of XX,YY,ZZ etc Can I do the same thing in SQL Server, or do I need define some derived fields to get the same effect?

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Yes, you can.

<pre>SELECT * FROM yourTable
WHERE field1+field2 IN (’01XX’,’02YY’,’03ZZ’);</pre>

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  • MarcW
    Thanks- that works. In this instance, the version field is a derived field, because the field in the database is an 11-char int for some reason. So it looks like this: SELECT code, right('0' + convert(VARCHAR,codeversion),2) AS ver FROM table WHERE code + right('0' + convert(VARCHAR,codeversion),2) IN ('00102','00202','00302') ; If I use WHERE code + ver IN ('00102','00202','00302') as the predicate, the SQL Server ODBC driver complains that "ver" is an invalid field name. I'm concerned that it's inefficient doing the conversion multiple times. Am I missing a trick here?
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  • carlosdl
    Since you are using concatenations and conversions in your where clause, the optimizer is not using any indexes and is already doing a full table scan to get your data, so, I think you could avoid the double conversion by doing something like this:
    SELECT code, ver
    FROM ( 
    SELECT code, right(’0′ + convert(VARCHAR,codeversion),2) AS ver
    FROM table) AS temp
    where code+ver IN (’00102′,’00202′,’00302′);
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  • Denny Cherry
    While you can do this keep in mind that any indexes that you have on the table won't be used. You'll get better performance if you add a computed column and index that column then use that column in your WHERE clause.
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  • MarcW
    Okay... I don't have any control over the table, this is an MIS application pulling from a database someone else has created. What we're pulling from is actually a snapshot: would it be better to ask them to create a field in the snapshot that's pre-formatted?
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