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I have 2 different forms that must be checked as an agent's condition. From the view, I need to check for the existance of form B. If there is no any, the requester name from Form A will be notified. The key field here is ReferenceNo. If there is form B created for form A, both will be using the same ReferenceNo. **Form B is NOT a response form for Form A.** Question how am I going to check for the Form B's existance that is created for Form A by using lotus script? I've done a view and some other approach to solve it.But, my lack of knowledge using the script made me blank at all. Really need assistance. Here is some code been written. Sub Initialize Const NotesMacro$ = "@Adjust((EndDate); 0; 0; 14; 0; 0; 0) < @Today" Dim session As New notessession Dim item As notesitem Dim coll As notesdocumentcollection Dim searchformula As String Dim FlagSend As Integer Dim result As Variant Dim tarec As String Dim doc2 As NotesDocument Set db=session.currentdatabase searchformula="(Form='travelAdvance' & choice2 ='Yes' & (Status !='Cancelled' | Status !='Withdrawn' | Status != 'Reporting manager rejected' | Status != 'Level 1 rejected'))" Set,Nothing,0) Set doc=coll.getfirstdocument FlagSend% = True While Not doc Is Nothing tarec = doc.TaRefNo key = "cTARefNo" Set view = db.GetView ("OutStationClaim" ) Set doc2 = view.GetDocumentByKey (key) If tarec = doc2.key Then result = Evaluate ( NotesMacro$, doc) If result(0) <> 0 Then If doc.cEmpName = "CEO SendTo = doc.Secretary Else FlagSend = True Else FlagSend = False End If End If If FlagSend = True Then Escalate_Mail True,True Set doc=coll.getnextdocument(doc) Else Set doc=coll.getnextdocument(doc) End If Wend End Sub

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1) Create a view of doc B’s and make the first column sorted with the value of RefNo. Create a view for your form A’s as well.

2) I’m calling the views All_B and All_A and am using docA as the reference document variable.

Here is the script that will detect if you have any doc B’s. We will use a NotesViewEntryCollection to see if matches exist.

Good luck,

Dim s as new Notessession
Dim db as notesdatabase
Dim vA as NotesView
Dim vB as NotesView
Dim vec as NotesViewEntryCollection
Dim docA as NotesDocument
Dim tarec As String

Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
Set vA = db.GetView(“All_A”)
Set vB = db.GetView(“All_B”)

Set docA = vA.GetFirstDocument
tarec = docA.RefNo(0)
Set vec = vB.GetAllEntriesByKey(tarec, True)
if vec.Count > 0 then
Messagebox “We have ” & Str(vec.Count) & ” matches”
Messagebox “No Match”
End if

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