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Salam! sir I'm zia from Pakistan. I'm a permanent user of office program but I still dont know how to compare two workgroups? Thanks. Waiting for your answer.

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I would open up both spreadsheets and then merge the two using the VLOOKUP command. It works quite well for me.

Those directions can be annoying. I wrote the below up for my office.

VLOOKUP is composed of four components.
</ol>1a. W: What am I looking for as a reference point in the other spreadsheet, other tab, other area?
1b. This is a cell value (e.g. A2, C113, D6)
2a. R: This is range of data that will include both reference point and the value to be pulled back into the original sheet.
2b. This is a set column value which looks like $C:$F or a more specific range which is sometimes necessary when pulling data from different spreadsheets $C$2:$U$12000 (this means that the reference data is in column C between rows 2 and 12000 and the value to be pulled lies somewhere between cell C2 and cell U12000.
2c. The reference point to be matched MUST be in the first column listed here.
3a. C: This is a number which notes the number of columns to the right that the value to be pulled is from the reference point.
3b. If I wanted to pull the values 5 columns to the right, this would be the number 5.
4a. F: True of False.
4b. Do not ask me for the logic behind this one, but put false if you want your reference point “W” to be matched exactly to a value in rage “R”. Type true if you want it to search for similar if it cannot find exact.
4c. Type FALSE, it makes for clean data.

Good luck to you and let us know how it goes.

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  • Chippy088
    Do you want to compare 2 workgroups or workbooks. They are 2 different things. As for comparing 2 workbooks, vlookup might not be the best way to go, if you want to find all the differences in the workbooks. If there are macros, or functions involved they will not show up, only data will be compared, and you will have to read and check each line yourself. I suggest trying something like 4TOPS. It is not free, but it will do what you want.
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