Communication between 2 iSeries Servers

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IBM iSeries
I am in the process of developing some Power Handling Programs and wondering what people think would be the best way to cummunicate bewteen 2 iSeries Servers on the same network in the same domain ?

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I guess it depends partly on how much communication is going to take place between the 2 servers. Are you just going to send a few commands or instructions between them or are you going to send large volumes of information?

If it’s just commands or instructions, I’d opt for using the RUNRMTCMD command, if you’re going to use larger volumes of data, I’d start looking at shared folders or FTP in combination with a triggered program.

One of the best features of the iSeries is it’s ability to communicate with just about anything in just about every possible way – so you have a lot of choices available to you for this.


Martin Gilbert.


You don’t mention what type of application requirement you have, but assuming it’s “real time” then I would suggest TCP/IP sockets programming between the two systems. As a plug for my book, APIs at Work 2nd Edition, has an entire chapter on socket programming from RPG or COBOL passing data back and forth. The data in some cases is from a file, in other cases program data being dynamically retrieved, etc.

This does represent more work (writing the programs) than the RUNRMTCMD or FTP solutions Martin referenced, but also provides you with significantly greater application control over data flow and timeliness.

Bruce Vining
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  • wpoulin
    Again, as I stated I'm developing some Power Handling Programs, so I am using CL and want to communicate each systems status to the other. These systems each have Dual Power Supplies, but are in the same rack and share UPS's. In the case of being notified that there has been a Power Failure I want to check to see if the other system has received the same CPF message and make decisions based upon that info. Any other thoughts, Thanks, Bill
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  • bvining
    Thank you for supplying the additional information. Given a CL base and very small data requirements I believe the easiest solution for you is to use remote data queues. Your CL program uses the Send Data Queue CL command and on the other system a CL program uses the Receive Data Queue command (specifying a wait time of forever) to receive status information from the sending system. Set up two remote data queues (one from System A to System B, one from System B to System A) and you're in action. This type of approach, and how to set everything up (which isn't much), is also in the APIs at Work 2nd Edition book I referenced earlier. Bruce Vining
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