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Hi All, Can anybody please helpme on this? I have current and archive database seprately. Both database has view that is having same fields. I want to display a single view that combines both them rather than going into each view seprately for current and archive jobs. Is there any merge of view function in Lotus notes/ Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am in the deadline of finishing the project. Thanks

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There is no such function in Lotus Notes.

If you want create a reporting function, you need to import the data into some other application for the reporting you require. This can be as simple as a MS Acces database (with the properly data acces drivers installed), etc. This can be quite complex that will be successful directly proportional to your familiarity with Acces, or whatever external appllicatoin you chose (Crystal Reports, etc.)

Depending on the size of your views, I have found that IntelliView is a really good application that adds onto Lotus Notes. If you have this short-timeline project deliverable, you could probably achieve it with an evaluation copy of Intelliview, then get a purchase approved.

Our cross database reporting needs accessed really large databases and Intelliview was very slow and unwieldy for us when we evaluated it. However, I think we could have made it work well if we had optimized our views (e.g. changed them to Manual refresh options and run a programmed Updall to refresh the data in sync with our reporting procedures).

Also, from what I have seen, this application continues to improve and would be even better than what we evaluated 18 months ago.

Finally, IntelliView, which works best for a small group responsible for reporting (in my opinion), has a sister product called IntelliPrint that is good for end users, which you might also want to check out.

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  • Ledlincoln
    Based on your description, I wouldn't buy a third party application for the reporting you want. I would set up an agent that runs on the server - probably in a separate database - that reads only the data you need from the active and archive databases and creates appropriate documents in your reporting database. You can create various views that provide reports of the data gathered. The agent could run nightly, or more often if necessary. There are lots of ways to do this, but more specific info would be needed if you want a more specific answer.
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  • Dvnobles
    If I understand your question, you simply want to merge the documents from your production and archive database. If this is the case, go into the view in the archive database and copy the documents. Open up your production database into the same view and paste the documents. As long as the two databases have the same views, it should not be a problem.
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  • Brooklynegg
    Dvnobles: Your answer would return copies of archived documents to production. I can't imagine this is the desired result. Letlincoln: This is another option, but requires that Lot have LS coding skills. Based on the "intro to Lotus Notes" question, I based my solution on the expected experience level, e.g something that can be configured, rather than what could be a major coding project, depending on the number of documents, etc. Lot: good luck with your work.
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  • Ledlincoln
    FWIW, sometimes configuring one of those 3rd-party products is fraught with more difficulty than hiring a programmer to get the job done.
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