Combining archived Lotus Notes .nsf files

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Lotus Notes
How do I combine my archived Lotus Notes .NSF files so I only have 1 file?

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Open the All Documents view in the archive, Select All, then Copy n Paste to your master mail file.
Turn off the Archiving from the master file.

Note: Notes documents are records, you can copy n paste a Notes document from any Notes file to any other Notes file, just like documents in a Windows folder.

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  • Broxy
    Assuming that you are talking about archived mail documents then the above approach of copying and pasting into a single database will work, I tend to prefer running an agent to move documents from one database to another, The reason I prefer this approach is that you can save the the original created date of the document (albeit in a different field) which can help in future decisions to delete older records.
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    Another problem with the proposed "select all --> copy --> paste" solution is that documents will not retain their folder filing. In other words, all the messages will indeed get dumped into the "All Documents" view - but the folder they were in will not be remembered/kept.
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  • Brooklynegg
    BROXY: Good point about retaining creation dates. I have noticed that behavior in agents also. Petercmr: What about adding a general agent to each source archive and going through the folders to use the agent to append a folder name to the Categories field. Then run the agent to move the records to the final archive. In the final archive, go to a categories view, select the records that should be in each folder and use the Move To Folder action to get them in the correct place. Note: This may be a terrible idea, as it is so manual. We don't use Notes mail. We have Outlook instead (only use Notes for applications). If I had to do this much work with my Outlook archives, it would take a very long time to accomplish. Whether this is valuable or not depends on the complexity of your folder structure in each archive.
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  • hoxuanthinh
    I don't think copy emails and paste into All Document is the solution end users wanted because they want to keep all folder structure. If you paste like that, the email can be found only in All Document. User just want the archived email store on which folder now it has to be there as status quote. How we can achieve this? 
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  • mahima11
    As per my understanding, you want to merge multiple Archived NSF files into single folder. I have practically done all the manual ways to merge NSF files but the outcome is not the way I was looking for. I think you should try to take help from the third party tool, that will be the best way to merge.
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  • ToddN2000
    There is a tool for merging NSF files. 
    Here is a link
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  • joeywatson
    the better option is to use any third party tool.
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