COBOL for iSeries? I have 20 years of experience of COBOL programming on a larger mainframe.

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Are there any differences in COBOL when using the iSeries from using a larger Mainframe?

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The core of the language should be almost the same. It’s not going to that far off. For example, say the last time you coded in COBOL was back in 2000 and now 19 years later try the same code. The code may work but it may not. What is more important is It comes down to what release you are working on as to if any commands have been dropped or enhanced. The interface for entering the code may vary as well. Without more specifics as to the two different platforms , the mainframe and the i-series, it hard to name specific changes.

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    Very difficult to answer without knowing about your background. E.g., what platforms have you switched developing on? And of those, which ones involved using the same language? Better, have you ever written production COBOL programs for any non-mainframe environment?

    In general, whenever you move development to a different platform, there will be coding differences at some level.

    For moving from mainframe to iSeries, the COBOL Language Reference will be mostly the same, though a few features might not be included for iSeries. For example, ILE COBOL doesn't include specifications for a Report Section in the Data Division. There will be no Report Descriptions. (Nor should you really want them on iSeries. Externally-described printer files are far better.)

    In any case, the COBOL instructions themselves are all mostly the same. The differences will mostly be found in trying to make external calls to system routines that don't exist on iSeries. Those tend to have extensive use in mainframe environments, but they aren't part of COBOL itself.

    So, answering a question about differences depends on what you are used to. We'd need to see a representative set of programs before knowing what to say.
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