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I've got a customer with 2 servers. Originally they had just an NT4 server with Exchange 5.5 on it. Later on, they added a Windows 2003 server with Terminal Services on it to act as their remote access. I was hired to add Exchange 2003 to the Terminal Services box. I actually re-installed it so that they had active directory to provide the user database and then put Exchange 2003 on the box as well. The problem is that while I can log into the server itself, (Terminal Services or locally) when I try to log into Outlook, my login attempts always fail. Any ideas - or other things I should describe? Thanks, Bob

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Although it’s not recamended. You can install AD & Exchange 2003 on the same server. As for Terminal services & Exchange on the same server. I found this post on another forum. Hope this helps.

Does anyone have any experience with installing Terminal Server on a Windoews 2003 Server. Basically I want to create a Windows 2003 Server with Exchange 2003 on it and as a Domain controller. The question is should terminal services be installed before or after Exchange. Or should terminal server be installed after everything is completed. Does it matter?

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Comment from RDAdams
Date: 07/16/2004 10:58AM PDT

I would do it after but it shouldn’t matter.

Accepted Answer from ModernIT
Date: 07/16/2004 12:24PM PDT
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Ive installed Terminal Services on Windows 2003 With Exchange 2003 .. hehe I just did it last week 😀 Allways Allways Install Terminal as the last service you install.. Terminal does not like to be moved, uninstalled or anything like that.. so try to avoid installing on top of.. funny, I have the exact same configuration as you.. I have my exchange 2003 server as its own DC. And we did the same thing too. We installed it last piece..

Comment from servicad
Date: 07/16/2004 02:00PM PDT
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Ok great thanks for the comment. So in the future adding additional progams should be fine correct. ? Otherwise besides shutting down really slow all seems ok

Comment from ModernIT
Date: 07/16/2004 02:15PM PDT

Yeah, you should be okay.. somethign youll wanna take note of.. Leave your Terminal Lean and mean if you can. Only install the neccisaries for your business proccess on that machine.. if you have exchange and terminal running on it, keep as it as trim as possible. Good luck on the Setup. Terminal is very proccessor Intensive, so.. if your ORG grows in the future, what wanna consider putting Exchange and Terminal on Different Servers. 🙂 Good luck on your install

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  • Petroleumman
    Hello, First off, Your going to have some quirks right out of the gate with your configuration because your running Exchange 2003 and Terminal Server on a DC. Though this will work it is not a recommended scenario. Does your client have the resources to upgrade their NT box to Windows Server 2003 and commision it as the DC? If so, you would increase your resources on your Exchange box and raise your security level as well. This also spreads your points of failure. Should Exchange or Terminal Server fail your not going to bring down the entire network during recovery. As for your Outlook trouble...can you provide some detail as to what type and content of the error messages being returned when trying to connect using Outlook? Thanks and Good Luck! As for your Outlook
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  • Wdorciak
    So if I understand correctly, you have Exchange server running on the same machine as terminal server. You installed Outlook (Office) in terminal services mode on the same server. You log in to the terminal services server and open a session. From within the session, you attempt to establish Outlook session to the Exchange server running on the same machine. How do you resolve the name from TS session to Exchange server? I am wondering if RPC call to establish MAPI session is somehow failing. Can you rpcping the server from TS session?
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  • Bobkberg
    Thanks for all the replies. However - the customer was not happy with the way I was handling it, so they're going to hire someone else. So I won't likely ever know the final outcome on this. Bob
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  • Genderhayes

    Microsoft Office Word 2003 can both use a large amount of memory on the Terminal Services computer. If Outlook users use WordMail as their e-mail editor, this option takes more memory and, as a result, can affect the number of users that you can serve simultaneously in a Terminal Services environment. Although the default editor for Outlook 2003 is WordMail, you can set a different default editor as part of your customized Outlook deployment.

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