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Why is CMS website development so popular in the industry?

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Assuming you are speaking about content management system the development with framework is eventually is more expensive and in the longer run when compared pre-built CMS development and customization it proves economical. But, for specific business tasks pre-built CMS is better. Most of CMS have responded and have adopted to support for mobile responsiveness and SEO compatibility. Also, there are some CMS are free and are good to use. Thus CMS development is very popular in the industry. 

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  • bellawashburn

    I believe content management systems like Centralpoint by Oxycon are so popular because they all are an all in one solutions. This is a way to organize your company on the web and control all of the company's content. They also act sometime like an application server.

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  • jackriddik
    In my thoughts, CMS are making people more comfortable to prepare their websites. Because you don't need to put code for each and every controls. You'll gets lots many inbuilt features, you just need put the code for the commands. You can optimize youe website and pages very easily. Many CMS are having lots of supportive plugins which you don't need to purchase from internet market.
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  • AndreRony
    I consider you are talking about Content management system. I feel that it is the best technique considered in the industry as it is the most organized way of building a website. Also modification of files is easier and can be done without the intervention of the webmaster.
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  • reactive
    hi guys,

    I have a question that CMS development is popular and easy in use,But it can be secure for our database.
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  • IdoKatz
    Hi Bella, I've heard of CentralPoint but I thought it was more aimmed enterprize solutions in the medical field. I think this Wiki is more aimmed at Web content management systems that developers use for less complex environments. In this instance I think Wordpress is something we can use as an example. Who wouldn't use a CMS to develop a website now of days. It's just simply that best way to use all your data in one place.  
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  • JustinWilson07
    It's because people can create their own websites using open source CMS like Wordpress out there. There are so many businesses built around popular CMS.
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  • appmakery
    It's because
    1. Anyone who is familiar can jump in to continue your website development
    2. You can get most layouts, pieces from existing library sites, theme sites, widget sites etc
    3. You can give access to your site to content writers, guest bloggers etc, and keep it separate from your main application or SAAS site
    4. It's very easy to take the content and move it to another platform
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  • ToddN2000
    A CMS or a 'Content Management System' quite literally allows you to control and manage the content within your web site - without technical training. Using this uncomplicated system you can very easily add, delete images and edit text in your web site on the fly.
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