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How can I by pass CMOS password for my Dell?

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windows xp

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Realistically the only way to get around a CMOS password is to wipe the BIOS back to its default settings. Turn off the power and unplug the cord, then hold the power button down for 10 seconds. Once that is done, open up your computer and look for a Clear CMOS jumper, most new motherboards have it. It should look like 3 pins with a little black sleeve over 2 of the pins, and will probably be located near the BIOS chip. Take the black sleeve and move it to cover the middle pin and the uncovered pin. Once that is done you can restart your PC and it should inform you that the CMOS defaults have been loaded. Once you are sure the password is gone reset the jumper so you don’t loose the settings everytime you boot up.

Once the CMOS settings have changed if you find you can’t load Windows go into the settings and check the boot device order.

If you can’t see the jumpers, look for the CMOS battery, it’s a flat round silver battery. Take this out and wait 5 mins then start the PC and it should give you the same message that the defaults have been loaded.

If resetting to defaults doesn’t help you then take it to a professional to have the BIOS flashed.

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  • Kevin Beaver
    You may want to call Dell as well.
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  • valmsmith
    Two things come very quickly to mind, having dealt with 'new users' and users who shouldn't be, one is IF one were to leave the jumper in the 'clear cmos' mode, and restore power to the unit, they are taking a chance on frying it. Next, one must remember to put the battery back in the holder for cmos to hold. If one does not reinstall the battery (or replace it, the next time they reboot, they will have no cmos settings stored. In the 'old days' with IBM PCs if you lost the cmos battery you HAD to know what the settings were in order to get the pc to restart. PCs are a LOT different today than in the, say 1980's
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  • shivasankari
    Thank you!
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  • SuperDestroyer

    Clearing the CMOS with a jumper works great on a desktop, but a laptop is a whole other story. If you can even gain access to the motherboard battery you may find that its soldered in place and laptops usually don't have CMOS jumper pins..!

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