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How can I conver a CLP progra to a CLLE program

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Change the type to CLLE and compile the program using opton 14 you will get the CLLE program, but remember there is no way to recover the source program in case of CLLE so better copy the source before converting CLP program to CLLE.


Due to the high level of compatibility between OPM and ILE CL you can usually just use CRTBNDCL rather than CRTCLPGM against the same source member. You would then have a CLLE program.


Both answers above are generally correct. The part about “type to CLLE” and “option 14” only has meaning if you are using PDM; it really has nothing to do with OPM CL and ILE CL except how you communicate with PDM to get programs compiled.

The advice to “copy the source” is potentially good for larger or more complex programs when you actually need to make changes to the source to account for elements that can be different between OPM and ILE. Otherwise, there’s no point to copying.

The difference to you will usually be that you will use a different command to compile the program. You can use CRTBNDCL to test a compilation simply by telling the command to create the program in QTEMP. If there are no errors relating to the OPM-to-ILE transition, then you know that there are no commands in the program that are not allowed in ILE. (E.g., you can’t convert a CLP that uses TFRCTL.)

If there are no compilation errors, the next thing you’ll look for are any override commands such as OVRDBF. If overrides are created, you might need to modify one or two parms on the command to ensure that the override is created appropriately. Or you might want to set the activation group on the CRTBNDCL command differently.

There may also be differences in how commands such as SNDPGMMSG must be coded. Activation groups and procedures will change how parts of a job communicate wioth each other.

It shouldn’t take long to get a feel for parts you need to pay attention to. If you use PDM, start creating your CL source members with member type CLLE. That’s as easy a way to get started with ILE CL as there is. You’ll most likely run into the few obstacles one at a time and learn as you go along.


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  • Gilly400
    Hi, If you're using PDM, you can change the source member type to CLLE instead of CLP, then when you compile using option 14 the CRTBNDCL command will be used instead of the CRTCLPGM. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • ToddN2000
    Interesting to know... If it's a CLLE program object then the command RTVCLSRC for retrieving the accidentally deleted source will not recover the source.
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  • bvining
    True up until today. V7R1 has RTVCLSRC support for ILE CL programs :)
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