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Hi, Please help me, at my office we have a network of 5pcs being managed by HP Proliant G6 Server.I dont understand whats going on becouse two workstations sometimes get respond from a server somtimes do not. when i ping the ip address says network path not found! what cn i do?i cant print or perfom other tasks with thise two client computers yet the other 3 do.

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Sounds like these problem PC’s lose their IP address or LAN connectivity. Check to confirm that their IP address is as expected for this network. If the address is something like 169.254.x.x then the computers are not able to find the DHCP server for the network and have locally assigned addresses. Check the cabling and switchport and NIC settings to ensure there are no configuration or layer1 issues.

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    There are many places to check when this problem raises its head. As Labnuke99 mentions, check to see if you are getting an IP address on the problem machine using IPCONFIG. If you have a valid address for your internal network space, ping the machine's address. If the ping fails, the problem is on the machine itself. Check for any active firewall (Norton used to be famous for this kind of problem), use another program for checking for the existence of malware on the machine other than the one you normally use. Download and install the latest NIC driver available. Also, I have seen a BIOS upgrade fix this sort of problem. If you are able to ping the local address, ping the Gateway address. If successful, ping an IP address outside your network to check for connectivity all the way through.. If this is successful, try pinging your server by name, and a wbsite by name. If an IP address is returned, whether or not the ping is successful, it means your DNS servers are available and working. Try replacing the cable between the machine and the network drop. Move the connection on your switch to another port. Check to see if the machine is visible from another location on your network. Remove the machine from the domain, if a domain member, Ensure that it is removed form AD. Join the machine to the domain. Worse comes to worse, place the machine elsewhere on your network and see if the problem still exists. If not, and another machine experiences the same problem call in your cable guy to test your network runs fro problems and pull new cable if needed.
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