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We have had someone attempting to sign on to our iseries using Client Access or iSeries Access and they use the wrong password too many times with the wrong password, on the small window that comes up before the greenscreen signon. The user name was of someone who was out sick that day so I cannot identify who it really was. When they do that we get msg CPF1393 that teh user profile was disabled, but it does not identify the workstation, since no workstation is being signed onto yet. Is there any way for the IP address of the PC or it's PC name to be included in the message, or is there somewhere else I can look on our i-series?

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Use the CHGTCPA command and change the ‘Log protocol errors’ parameter to yes. This will give you info on the IP addresses attaching to your machine

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  • Jgsnsbt
    I believe that CHGTCPA will not solve your problem, since we're not talking about a TCP/IP Error instead of a security issue, which is handled by i5 OS and not by the TCP/IP layer. There are so called exitpoints (have a look with WRKREGINF) on the iSeries, which allow you to insert your own programs into the systems-program-flow. To solve your problem, I think you should have a closer look at QIBM_QZSO_SIGNONSRV exitpgm. If you hook up your own prog to this exitpoint you're at least inside the job in question. Then it's up to you to gather information or anything via CMDs or APIs. I've done this with QIBM_QTMF_SVR_LOGON to allow only defined users for FTP access and it works fine. My company also uses the SEU exit programs for our USEU development tools with no problem. Post your results. Interesting anyway! Greetings from Germany.
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  • ConfigFr
    Hi all, I used a better way to do that. I you get a quick look on QSYSOPR message Queue, you could see a message wich say to you "The profile xxxx was disabled by QINTER system". I think that this message still exist and you could change the default message queue for it and survey by a program this new queue. But you have to know that if you create an authomatic reset of profile, you'll have a system not on safety security.
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  • Stanayres
    The Qsysopr msg I get, but I know that person was not involved since they were out sick that day. IBM helped me by advising me to change the system value QAUDLVL to *AUTFAIL andthe system value QAUDCTL to value *AUDLVL then you can dsp the resulting journal to a file and query the file. You can reference IBM support line technical document # 329133089
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