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Since we have changed our password to disable the persons user ID for invalid attempts instaed of varying the seesion off. We now have aproblem where user get thier user ID diabled when really doing nothing. They have already gain access and are doing their work and may be inactive for a few moments, it locks them out completely. We have to do a password reset for USER ID. Any ideas?


Software/Hardware used:
V5R4M0 version on the iseries box

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I have seen the IDs get disabled for Network Neighborhood if they are mapped to a share on the iSeries and their password on the iSeries and their PC passwords are different. The iSeries does not care about case like the PC/Active Driectory does but they must match the rest or it will disable the ID on the iSeries. If the map is checked as reconnect at login this will happen often asn I have seen the PC poll the connections and within 15 minutes they get disabled and stay disabled until the siutation is rectified.


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  • TomLiotta
    We have to do a password reset for USER ID. I'm not sure what that means. Does it mean that you don't know how to re-enable them without changing their passwords? Or does it mean that re-enabling doesn't work, and you have to change passwords before access works? Tom
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  • Dataadmin
    Whatever the user did, disables their user ID and we have to reset the user ID. They use the reset user ID to get log on again and then they have to changed their password. Here are the messages sent to QSYSOPR as information only. Subsystem HOMEINTER disabled user profile ACCT_DKH on device ETAR01S2. Subsystem QUSRWRK disabled user profile IN_VA on device *N. User profile ACCT_TF disabled for iSeries Support for Windows Network Neighborhood access.
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  • Batman47
    Look at the PC5250 configurations and see if 'Auto-reconnect' is set. Then check the properties of the connection and select the Connection tab. If anything other than 'Prompt every time' is checked, then the incorrect password maybe cached and had tried repeatedly to sign in. Check your QMAXSIGN system value for maximum signon attempts and then your QMAXSGNACN system value to see what action is being taken. Most likely it's set to either 2 or 3 which would disable the profile. I would avoid using 'Auto-reconnect' and anything other than 'Prompt every time' on your configurations.
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  • TomLiotta
    In case you have a way to make use of it, a disabled profile can be re-enabled with:
    That would re-enable a profile named MYUSRPRF, both for normal workstation access and for the additional NetServer "Network Neighborhood" condition. Beyond that, the comment from Batman47 about ‘Auto-reconnect’ is a reasonable possibility. Whether you want ‘Prompt every time’ or a different choice will depend on how other parts of iSeries Access are used and various circumstances. But ‘Auto-reconnect’ can be annoying in many environments. Tom
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