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Guys, I experience problem in connecting to AS400 using client access because it needs local admin rights. Do you some solution, so that we will not add the user to the list of local admin. thanks.

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A while since I last installed it, but don’t think you should have to give users Local Admin rights to run it. Needs to be installed with admin rights, for all users, and make sure all service run as fields are set to “Local System”. If you are installing on XP, I never have, there are a couple of things to look out for. Usual problem with legacy apps is permissions, as default XP does not allow access to anything in Program Files, you may need to allow all users full access to the AS400 Client directory. May also need to put users into Power Users group to run some legacy apps.

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  • Mscann
    Hi, I am assuming that the PC's that you are having a problem with are XP machines? If that is the case then you either have to sign on as the administrator to do the updates or give the client "local admin" rights.(rights to his PC only). To do this right click on my computer and then left click on manage. This will bring up Computer management. Click on local users and groups then click on groups and then administrators. At this point click on ADD and "if you are using a network click on locations" and highlight your network then click on find now. Look for the user's name that uses this PC, and highlight and double click the user click OK twice. This will give the user rights only to his/her machine. You may have to give them local admin rights to the PC first, if so please respond in private and I will tell you how. Mary Ann Scannell
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  • Nerdking
    My experience w/iSeries Access v5R1 and Windows 2000/XP. We used to give our users local Admin rights to the machine and experienced no problems in regards to iSeries Access v5R1. About 9 months ago we began taking users out of the local Admin group and making them Power Users. We began to see shutdown problems with the iSeries Access v5R1, i.e., the user couldn't start up another session w/o having to completely reboot the machine. To correct, we cmae in as Administrator, deleted the existing session, then came back in as the user and configured a new session and saved it to the user's "My Documents" instead of the default location (C:Program FilesIBMClient AccessEmulatorPrivate). This corrected the problems for the W2k machines, but still continued to give problems on the XP machines. We finally went to installing iSeries Access v5R3 w/SP SI16496, first on the XP boxes, and setting the user session as outlined above, then eventually on the W2k boxes as well and have not had any problems since.
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  • Mannyd
    Guys, Thank you for your immediate help. Yes i'm having problem on our XP client. If that is the case i will be instructing our technicals that they should enroll the user as a local admin.
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  • Neilcaldwell
    I have the saem issue on Win 7. Installed ok with admin, but now when thr PC boots it comes up with an annoying msg Client access Express needs an admin. to log in. Changed permission to give admin, msg went away, but then reoccurs when user does not have admin rights.
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