client access express “restore down” issue

I have users running Windows 2000 with client access express where a particular AS400 session will not allow the option to "restore down". When they choose restore down, the window goes directly down to the task bar on bottom of screen. From there, the option to "restore" does not even respond. The user is forced to "maximize". So basically it forces that session to run in full screen only, not windowed... Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You might check in the menu options: Edit, preferenceS, Appearance, Font. Window sizing can be limited based on the selections made there.

I thought I recalled an option which directly controlled displaying the session in a window, but I can’t seem to find it now. It’s been a long time since went through the configuration options of PC5250.


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  • Snowiboy
    the "font" option is greyed out. I think you are onto something though because the other sessions that she can resize I can get into "font" option/menu. Any idea how I can reactivae that option? Thanks.
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  • Dalejanus
    You cannot change font size when the C/A window is maximized. Use the middle windows button (can't remember what it is called) to make the screen smaller. Then you can acces the font command from the edit, preferences,appearances screen. Try changing to automatic sizing and see if that works. ---Dale
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  • TomLiotta
    When I've seen this, it was related to some other app that was running previously -- after I started my emulation session, maybe still active in another window but not necessarily. IIRC, it was Word on Win2K SP4, but I can't recall what version. Make an effort to track what else has been done on the PC, concurrently but maybe during the previous hour. For example, if Outlook is used and Word is the configured e-mail editor, were any font changes made in a reply? Won't be easy, but a pattern will appear if it continues for a while. And be sure that PC have current iSeries Access service packs applied. Tom
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