Clearing Internet Explorer 9 cache across network

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Is there a way to clear all network users' browser caches from Internet Explorer 9? We are on an Active Directory 2008 domain.

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You can control the cache settings via a GPO. I suppose you could setup a power shell script to be run via the run once settings that could delete the data from it. What’s the point of clearing the cache for everyone?

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  • Sixball
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  • Josseline
    There is an application called CCleaner that will clear the cache, along with everything else you want removed. I've heard of it from a cpa network publisher who was trying to clear his way across the network, too. I hope it helps, I use it, too and it's pretty good.
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  • James Murray
    I've worked with companies and government agencies that might do this in order to avoid being subpoenaed. I've seen this with email servers, and other types of cache systems. By doing this, they can legally show that it's part of the policy to the wipe the cache of everyone. So for example: What if it turns up that someone was arrested for child pornography. It's not unusual for the police to check the cache. If the police find that the person has been accessing porn on the job then there is more evidence. But say a newspaper finds out that the person had been viewing pornography for years, they might write a negative article about government agencies that allow child pornography to be viewed at the tax payers expense. So now an investigation starts trying to find out why the agency allowed this to happen. Rather than go through that, an organization may choose to delete the cache of browsers to avoid a problem like that ever happening.
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