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I have a need to clean out an executives laptop. He is using Lotus Notes and would like me to get rid of about 2000 e-mails he no longer needs. Is there a way to delete these files quickly rather than one at a time? I would appreciate any help you can give me. Also, is there a utility I can use to clean up LOtus Notes so that the users don't experience heavy hang times? Especially when closing Notes? I currently use SaveNSync and unload notes. I am hoping to find a more efficient solution so that I don't have to keep coming back to resolve the same issues over and over. Thank you.

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Lotus Notes has had “click and drag” selection for more than a decade. If there is any way to sort those emails (i.e., by name, by date, by subject, by size) you can go into the “All Documents” view, sort by that column, and simply click and drag down the list. It will select all those documents which can then be deleted at once. Even if you can’t do that entirely, if you can group the emails and then select sections, you can similarly select a bunch of emails and then delete them all at once.

CAUTION: One of the most common ways I know of for a user to either delete or move emails they did not plan to delete or move is to change operations while they have a lot of documents selected. Most commonly, someone selects a lot of documents to move and, while doing that, sees a document they want to delete. So they stop where they are and hit “delete” on that document. Unfortunatly, Notes does NOT see this as a new action, and deletes EVERYTHING the user previously had selected. If they are smart enough to realize this, or are not a clean-up type who empties the trash immediately, they’ll be okay. If they get too efficient and empty the trash, you have to go to a backup to get the documents back.

As for performance issues, one of the things we do is run a server-side compact on all files and update the views every night. We also automatically delete anything that’s been in the Trash for 48 hours. I’ve never used SaveNSync and we do not use third-party software in the companies I’ve worked in — Notes has always had all the tools we needed.

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  • Branestawm
    You don't say how many messages he wants to keep. If there are only a few, you could ctrl-A to select all and then manually deslect the chosen few.
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  • Pada1302
    There is always the ARCHIVE option. If the user has not looked at a large majority of these messages over the last few weeks, you could setup and/or change existing "archive" options to a minimal timeframe; i.e., 7 days. Once you have done this you could either execute a "manual" archive and send the documents into an existing archive file OR create a one-off. The "archive" will have the same FOLDER structure as the user exsiting production mail file. (That is if you are running a lter version of the Notes client, i.e.; R6 or later). You would then need to show user where this archive file is and make sure that it is located on the BOOKMARK bar. CIAO for now,
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