Cisco related assistance please, regarding Vlans, WOL, and IGMP (Symantec Ghost)

Hello all, I have cisco related issues regarding my new cisco router. I have used it in conjuction with 3com switches to route inbetween vlans, which i have segemeted my entire network into (approx 9 vlans, one for server and resources). As stated, my entire network is vlan-ed, and as such my IT managment computers are on different vlans to client computers, default ACLS are applied so majority of ip traffic is working fine. What i can-not longer do, obviously, is remotely Wake On LAN my client computers. I am aware that IOS denies mac address broadcasts, so i am not sure how to forward thes eot client computers. And where do i apply acls (i assume), to interfaces, subinterfaces? I have 2 ethernet interfaces and 8 subInts. Another issue is now my ghosting doesnt work, due to IGMP mis-config. What do i need to configure to allow IGMP membership and requirments to achive ghost casting (multicasting) once again if my ghost server is on an foriegn vlan to clients. thanks alot for your time everyone. Anthony

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Here is a cisco link explaining multicasting:
Unfortunately their multicast quick start guide requires current CCO membership.
As for the wake on lan, the references I was able to find imply you will have to enable ip directed-broadcast on your router interfaces and know the MACs of the systems you want to wake up. Be aware that ip directed-broadcast is disabled by default for good reasons. You will be opening your network up for smurf attacks.
Here is an example of how ACLs are applied on our 3550:
interface Vlan5 ip address xxx.yyy.zzz.126
ip access-group 101 in
ip access-group 115 out
Hope this helps.

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  • Sonyfreek
    Depending on the defaults of the 3COMs, you might need to enable multicast routing on the router and set it to sparse-dense mode. Those commands are "ip multi-cast routing" and "ip pim sparse-dense-mode." These commands are done in global config. SF
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  • Amfony
    hey guys, Yeh i was unable to get it to work. Any more ideas? As for the "ip pim sparse-dense-mode" it seems i dont have that command in my version of IOS. Which is 12.3. All the text on igmp was great but didnt get me where i need to be. I am sure i am not the only persons trying to multicast symantec ghost via a cisco router. Thanks guys
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  • Sonyfreek
    Anthony, Sorry. I said that the commands are done in global config, but the ip pim sparse-dense-mode command is an interface command. I don't have a Layer3 switch at my fingertips, so I can't test to see if you can apply it to a VLAN interface, but you certainly can apply it to a router interface on a Layer3 switch. You also can apply it to a routers interface. Here's a link to Configuring Multicast Routing in 12.2 (which also applies to 12.3). Hope it helps, Wayne
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