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I have a cisco catalyst 2950 24 port and i have a Linksys 48 port 10/100 + 2-Port Gigabit Smart Switch. When i do the VLan on Cisco Catalyst Switch and daisy chain the linksys to it, would it let me configure the port on linksys (my answer is no) … just checking. Also, when i daisy chain off of Cisco Switch, i assume i have to use the port (like .35 or .31) to daisy chain cause if i want to use that entire switch (linksys) for .35. thanks

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I would expect the Linksys to support 802.1Q VLAN trunk ports, the same as the Cisco, so you should only need to use one interface on each to connect the two together, and have full VLAN connectivity.

Post the exact model of the Linksys and I will try to help you with the commands, if I can.

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  • Kwt712
    I have Linksys SLM248G (48-port 10/100 + 2-port Gigabit Smart Switch) ... and the other one is Cisco Catalyst 2950 24 port
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  • Sonotsky
    It's been my experience (granted, not within the last year or two) that Linksys' products are geared more towards the lower-end and therefore are lacking much of the advanced functionality commonly associated with low-to-mid-range Cisco devices, such as VLAN tagging. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but just thought I'd throw that out there...
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  • Troy Tate
    I agree with your perception of Linksys position in the switch market. Those devices are not meant for the "heavy lifting" that Cisco (Juniper) devices are meant to be used for.
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  • BlankReg
    I hate to prove you guys wrong, but the following is taken from the Cisco website regarding this switch ( Formerly Linksys Business Series, now Cisco Small Business Smart Switches, the Cisco SLM248G Gigabit Smart Switch contains a number of Quality of Service (QoS) and security functions found in Cisco's advanced switches. Additional features of the Cisco SLM248G Gigabit Smart Switch include: * A non-blocking switching capacity of 13.6 Gbps * Port-level security using 802.1X authentication and MAC-based filtering * Support for up to 128 port- and 802.1Q-based VLANs Just look at the Linksys as Cisco Lite, not all the features, but cheaper and does most of the main things you need. To configure the VLANs, have a look at the configuration guide on pages 18 and 19. For the trunk you need to tag the vlans you want to run between this and the Cisco 2950. The Linksys will not automatically pass the vlans, like the Cisco will. My advice is to not have an untagged VLAN (native on Cisco) but to tag all of them. The manual can be downloaded from I would post the instructions here, but it is easier to follow in the manual as this has pictures of the web interface for configuring this.
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