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Hi all- I need help with a new 2960 that i configured a second vlan. the default vlan1 im able to access the network and internet but the PCs connected to the ports on vlan2 i dont get any connection in the switch i did the #ip add to vlan2 and when i do a ipconfig in the pc i see a 169.254.210 address Question where is this ip coming from and how do i configure vlan2 for ip 10.0.1.xx ,vlan1 is configure as 10.0.0.xx

Software/Hardware used:
windos 7, telnet

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The 169.254.210 address is the default address microsoft assigns when there is no DHCP server to grab an IP address from.

If you want to run two VLANs on your 2960 switch and have them both reach the internet you are going to have to setup a trunk port from the switch to the router. On the port that connects to your router you will need a setup close to this
switch(config)# int g0/24
desc uplink to router
switchport mode trunk

Make sure you have initiated the vlan on the switch with a command:
switch(config)# vlan 2
state active

Now on your router is where you will create the Interface vlan2.
router(config)# int vlan2
ip address

Now, you can setup a DHCP server to give out ips or setup your computer with a static ip address.

Ryan Gunther


Sounds like you’re not trunking ALL of your VLANs to your router/L3 device. Set up a trunk port on your switch and router and traffic will flow…

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  • shanekearney
    On the switch this is the configuration enable config t vlan 2 name *******input the name of the vlan here******** exit vlan 3 name ******input the name of the vlan here****** exit next go to the interfaces you want in those vlans lets say int fa 0/1 switchport mode access switchport mode vlan 2 no shut exit do the same for every interface you want in vlan 2 and vlan 3 now the port that goes to the router has to be a trunking port so input this config t int g 0/1 switchport mode trunk no shut exit now onto the router on the interface connected to the switch input config t int g 0/1.1 encapsulation dot1Q 1 *****dot1 Q is the encapsulation type and the 1 at the end is for vlan 1 ip address no shut exit int g 0/1.2 encapsulation dot1Q 2 ip address no shut exit now your question doesn't say you want to use DHCP so if not assign your two computers their respective IP address as per the vlan they are connected to then from one of the computers ping the other and if you input the configuration correctly it will work. First palce the interfaces you want into their vlas
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  • Snapper70
    If you are using a cisco router, it can farm out IP addresses on it's subinterfaces as well. IP dhcp pool P1 network default-router ip dhcp pool P2 network default-router
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