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Hi, I have got a really stupid question to ask. I am running a small wireless internet service, about 20 customers so far. I'm using 4 access points to send out my signal. My input is from a t1 line into a cisco 1841 router. Here is where my problem starts: I've been using soho dsl router/switch  to send data to each access point. I've went through several of them. Seems ports burn out. I bought a cisco 2900xl to replace the soho, but could never get it cofigured to received data directly from the 1841. had to go through the internet port on the soho, then to the 2900, but the soho bogs down after a while, so it has to be rebooted. I purched a cisco2950 in hopes it could be configured th hooked directly to the 1841. So far, no luck. The fe0/0 port on the 1841 is configured to I configure the gateway and everything else till I'm almost a nut case. The access points and clients use I can plug the client I use here at my house straight into the into the 2900 or 2950, and the internet runs like a champ. What am I doing wrong? Thanks  

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Are your access points strictly AP’s, or are you using something like multiple Linksys with their WAN port tied into the 2950?

In the SIMPLEST setup, you might not even need to configure the 2950. The 1841 connects to the 2950; and the 4 Linksys would EACH attempt to pick up an address from the 1841 directly (assuming it has multiple addresses it can farm out; and runs DHCP). Clients would then rely on the NAT capability within the Linksys units; although you may want to have each one with a different client IP address pool 192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x, etc.

If this ISN’T the situation, what are the AP’s, and does the 1841 supply multiple addresses (one per AP)?


Based on what you’ve typed here, it seems to me that you’re working waaay too hard for this..

try the following: have teh T1 run into the 1841 – like you are. On the FA0/0 port, remove the IP address from teh port and set up sub-interfaces for each of your Clients. I would give them all their own 10.0.x.0 /24 network – this would avoid an IP overlap with the default LAN IP range of the wireless devices. Private IP’s are free, use tons of em..

Then set up the 2950 with multiple VLANs, and trunk all the VLAN traffic to the fa0/0 interface of the 1841. This will save you a ton of headaches and frustration…

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  • Edcockrell
    Hi, I hope I can give a clear picture of what I have setup. My t1 line comes into the cisco 1841 router, I have only one line, and only one dsu module installed. the serial o/o/o ip is set to / Coming out 0f the 1841 is one fast ethernet port 0/0 set to, with a lan range of .128-.255 There are two ethernet ports, f0/1 is not used, or setup as far as I know. What i have next is a belkin home wirelss router/switch combo, $49 at walmart, the cable for 1841 f0/0 is plugged into the modem port on the belkin. All data to the AP's comes from the 4 switch ports on the belkin. I have 4 AP's but am using only 3 right now. The 4th switch port on the belkin goes to my computer which I monitor the system with. I have plugged it straight to the computer, and to the 2950, then to the computer, I get internet either way to the computer. I don't neccessarily have to have this computer running, it only only so I can see what is going on in the system. The system will run with only the 1841, the belkin, and AP's. The AP'a only transmit and recive data, they are mounted on a 140 foot tower outside. The ip addresses are set to static,,,,, with the last one not being used right now. All clients are set to static in the same ip range. If I remove theAP cables from the belkin and put them in the 2950, they will work as long as the cable from the 1841 is plugged into the modem port on the belkin and a cable from any switch port on the belkin runs to any port on the 2950. I sorry for that being so lengthy. If you bypass the belkin altogether, no internet to AP' or the computer. I upgraded the firmware on the 2950 to the latest version last night, and reset it to factory default. I have not tried it yet since they is so much traffic on the system right now. As soon as it slows down some, I am going to shut the system dow and connect the 2950 to the 1841 and see what happens. I appreciated you help, I have been working on this for weeks now, with the 2900 and now the 2950. Thanks a lot. Ed
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  • Edcockrell
    By the way, The belkin ip address is set to, the cisco 2950 ip address is set to Maybe I just have all the addresses wrong. The AP's and clients can be set to dhcp, but I have not tried them that way. I have the default gateway on the belkin pointing back to f0/0 on the 1841. Tried it that way on the 2900 and 2950. No luck, but as I said, I have reset the 2950 to factory default, but have not tried it yet. Thanks
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  • So123
    Please, i need a help with my cisco 2950 switch. i'm trying to use this switch for intercption still no luck. i have my modern and my linkysy router and this cisco 2950. Can anyone tell me how the proper configuration should look like from the modern to the linkysy router and to the cisco 2950. my linkys router ip: dhcp
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  • Snapper70
    Your setup with the Belkin is working because the Belkin is providing the translation from the outbound interface of the Cisco, to the STATIC IP addresses on teh downstream Linksys that you set static IP's on. You could use the 2950 and remove the Belkin if a) You allow the Linksys to pick up DHCP addresses from the Cisco (assuming it provides DHCP addresses for clients) - or - b) You set the Linksys devices to be addresses (with appropriate gateway/mask of the cisco) so they match the addresses of the Cisco
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