How can I catch the person who hacked my accounts?

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All my accounts were hacked and manipulated by someone who had access to my email username and passwords, my Verizon account (he could actually read all my texts). Also he started a Google voice account and synced my number to to read texts then used the hangout dialer to get transcripts of my phone calls, he enabled call forwarding on my account to have my calls rerouted to a VM # or Google voice mailb# I can't get into. He can manipulate my browser history, location, everything. I don't want to stop him, I want to catch him. He got in through my work computer where I had everything synced and I mean everything and sat back and watched me for the last 4 months until now I figured it out. He would just know things that he shouldn't know. He rooted something to my girlfriend's tablet. Java root something and extracted all her naked pics. How do I catch him?

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Unfortunately there may be little you can do. Most so called hacks come from downloading bad apps or clicking a link or from opening questionable email. I would change all my
passwords for all my accounts from a secure device like a friends pc. The main problem with trying to catch them is, if it was a simple task there would be no hackers. They would all be caught.  Even with all the right tools
and expertise that law enforcement has at their disposal it is still very tough to catch
them. If we could tell you in a few simple steps how to do it , we would all have
jobs with the NSA or law enforcement.

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  • TheRealRaven
    You take your evidence and turn it over to the authorities in your local area. There is no other way for you. What country are you in?
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  • acbucciarelli
    I live in the United States. I would take it in but they are going to think I am crazy. We have some laws for this but where I live in rural America. All they care about is drugs. Nobody believes me. I am alone in this. Right now my certain calls I make and I am the one making the phone call a little rectangle bubble pops up and says "conditional call forwarding enabled". When I go to my call settings sure enough call forwarding is enabled for 3 out of the 4 conditions. When I try to disable I get a response that says "unexpected response from network" it shows the number the calls are being forwarded to it's not my voice mail but it is my carriers mailbox system. It tells me to enter the number for the mailbox but I don't know it. I enter my number and it just lets me leave a msg not check msgs. I have not received a voicemail msg on my phone for a long time and I know I've missed calls and I know my VM is set up. Can you help me?
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  • Subhendu Sen
    To catch the culprit this is not your duty. This duty can be executed by your local administrative department/police while country is not a matter. Every country has a law and order. Also who hacked your phone, probably you don't have enough evidences also. Considering your second discussion, if possible, block all suspected phone numbers and observe if that happens again. If this will not work, first you can take all backup of your phone this includes contacts/SMS/photo etc. Then make a reset/factory reset and try to set up everything as new then restore backups again in your phone. And of course complain a lodge to your local police/law and let them solve the case. For phone backup/ restore you can contact a good service center if you are not so comfortable.
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  • ToddN2000
    If it's on your work computer, notify your IT networking staff of a security issue. They should have the tools to clean your work computer from any unauthorized access. On the other side, your best bet would be stop using your computer (personal one). Run a good anti virus program to check for key loggers or other malware. Then if you have a friend you trust, ask to use their computer and login to your accounts and change the passwords. You don't want to do this from the possible infected computer because they will just get the new passwords you set up. You may have to change your phone number if they are tied to your accounts. If the person doing this knows it and the answers to your security questions they will keep getting in. They can say the lost the password and if the reset is sent to you phone number, and then forwarded, they will keep control of your accounts. Try some of these suggestions and report back if you are still having issues.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    What are you going to do once you catch him? You're probably better off making a police report and having them investigate.
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