Changing naming convention for iSeries user profile.

Our company is considering changing the naming convention we use for user profile creation on the iSeries to comply with our Corporate office. We currently have about 1500 users whose profiles would be affected. Aside from the obvious tasks of changing object ownership and modifying 3rd party software products that also contain the userid, what other considerations should be made? If anyone has had to complete a similar project, I would be curious how long it took to complete. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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First of all, prepare your work. I have used a worksheet (excel) where I have put for each profile all new values I want : the new profile, the new password, the new owner of objects, … all the values to change.

then work with one test profile :
– transfert data to the 400 (the MasterOfChange)
– build and run as CLP&RPG as necessary to serve each target.

When ready, run on all profiles

for example, to change each object owner, work on an object list (CLP : DSPOBJD *ALL/*ALL … outfile(aFile))
then (RPG) read the file & uses the MasterOfChange to determine action to run (CLP to CHGOBJOWN, …)

For profile themselves,
-1- create all new profiles, test them, put them in production, disable old profiles, wait one or two weeks then
-2- delete old profiles with option to change object owner to the new profile.
If object property was correctly transfered before this would not be necessary, but this is theory. in real life, there is always surprises.

preserve all you tools, if you encounter any error, you will have to re-run your tools.

After finish, have in mind you know can weekly re-apply your security rules : tools are availables and tested.

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  • JohnDavid
    Hi, If you running i5/OS V5.3 also consider whether you want to co-exist with Microsoft. If so, have a look at your password level (QPWDLVL) system value as well as something like EIM - Enterprise Identity Mapping - or some other piece of software that will synchronize between your iSeries and other platforms. The ideal is a once-only signon. Good luck
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  • PaulThomas
    Personal opinion......Don't do it - not for exisiting profiles. Possible places to find a user profile reference, that would therefore need to be updated:- AUTLs JOBDs Private authorities Directory Entries SMTP entries Subsystems (PJEs, Communications entries) Primary groups (PGP) Management Central definitions Ops Nav scheduled tasks Job Schedule entries TCP port restrictions IP packet filtering rules Management Central properties SVRAUTEs SST/DST (not strictly true but you may want to keep the same new naming convention) Network Job Entries And I'm sure many, many other places. Also, remember that when doing the basics of porting authorities, that private authorities are held on the profile and not the taeget object. So DSPOBJD won't help. You will need to do DSPUSRPRF *CMDAUT, *DEVAUT and *OBJAUT - or an equivalent API. Finally, don't forget to search the entire IFS. Again, DSPOBJD will not help here.
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