Changing IP address of Rmt outq printer

Hi there, we have a couple of printers on the 400 running as RMT devices with a dummy out Q. Is there any way to get into the device config and change the IP address of the printer? I have tried WRKDEVD on the device, but can not see an IP address anywhere. Being a dummy outq it is always varied off... Kind regards Alex

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I think you can get to the IP to change it if you end the writer then do a CHGOUTQ command and prompt it using F4,, you have to get use F10 and enter a couple of times and page dwon to get to the IP , but with the writer ended you should be able to change it on the remote outq.. we jsut use the remote outq here, we do not create the dummy device description,, so it may not work the same for you but you might try it.

thanks, Fuzz,,

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  • Robbiehall
    I am not at work, so have no command line !! but you may have to delete and recreate the DEVD. Not so bad if you write down the key parameters (or everything really!) Rob
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    the ip address specified on the outq must match the ip address assigned to the remote printer. I assume you are trying the change the address on the remote device. I would bring a browser up and type in the current ip address assigned to the device and see if the printer has a browser configuration feature. Another method to try is to telnet to the device ip address and see if printer allows you to change the ip via telent. The only other method I have seen to to manual configure the ip address and the printer itself.
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  • Abezer
    Thanks all. The issue was that I was not Ending the RmtWtr before trying t change the IP address. Using the commands; WRKWTR WTR(*ALL) to end the remote writer CHGOUTQ OUTQ(QUSRSYS/BARCODE2) to change the IP address. I resolved the issue. Thanks All...
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  • Stanayres
    If you have a large number of writers on your system, on your WRKWTR command you can use WTR(BAR*) instead of WTR(*ALL). This can make it easier to find the correct writer to work with without having to scroll through a long list of writers.
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  • TomLiotta
    Why are you assigning an IP address? Assign a host name instead. If there is no local DNS to maintain the database, then create a hosts table entry. If the IP address changes, then you can simply replace the hosts table entry to assign the new address. Use the CFGTCP command option 10 to modify the system hosts table. Tom
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  • Julian Otex
    Useful information!
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  • AditiKapoor
    I need to change user printer queue to by default means user getting print from 1 PRT.. printer but now user wants to get print to another printer which is attached to her PC AS/400.

    User wants to get print by default.

    Could you please suggest what I need do do?
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  • Splat
    AditiKapoor, you might be better off opening this in another thread. 

    In the meantime, is the printer attached to her PC (1) assigned its own IP address and (2) defined to the iSeries? 

    If neither the 1st nor the 2nd a Client Access printer emulation session seems in order. 

    If the 1st, but not the 2nd, a remote printer might be your best bet.

    Once the device / output queue is created change the OUTQ parameter in the user's profile to (in the absence of overrides) direct the output to that queue.
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