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Hi all, There is a site, which provides access to a service if it comes from my office IP. Now I want to access the same service(or page) from home by making my home IP same as office ip, tricking the web site to believe that I am accessing from office. By the way the service uses https://..... protocol for the site. Is it possible and if so could some guide me on how to achieve this. Thanking all in advance. Silas

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That is called IP Spoofing, and if very hard if not impossible to do these days. ISPs have technology in place to prevent this. If this is done incorrectly it could in theory take your office off the internet.

A much better option would be to setup a VPN Server at your office, then VPN into the office from your home which would route all your internet traffic from your computer to the internet through your office effectively making your home computer look like it is at your office.

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  • BrentSheets
    You might wish to provide more information or you may not get any replies. IP spoofing has many uses, obviously, not all of which are legitimate. Thanks.
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  • petkoa
    Hi, The only way to achieve the desired result is to use an http/https proxy server in the address space of your organization (office), otherwise you will not get any response - they all will be routed to your office (as BrentSheets stated). If (when) you have a proxy server in place, yuou just configure your browser to use it, and everything happens "transparently" to you. It'll be wise to put some kind of protection on the proxy server (allowed IP, if you have a static IP, or username/password, if you ISP assigns IPs dinamically) BR and good luck, Petko
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  • Labnuke99
    Using a terminal server will also permit you to access internal office resources from outside your network and will then look like it is coming from your internal network - because it really is! I would recommend hardening that terminal server and publishing via ISA for enhanced security.
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