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Currently evaluating solutions for iSeries, WDSC & Websphere running on Linux on PCs. Down to Aldon & Turnover. Anyone have enough experience with these products to compare strengths & weaknesses in production?

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We use Aldon/CMS (iSeries only solution). We have had very good experience with it. Intuitive interface for the most part. The Winders side of the shop still uses Source Safe <shudder>, so we have no experience with any REAL tools on that side of the aisle.

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  • Jacknbox
    Turnover is the easier product to use, but Aldon is more Robust. They are both good products, just make sure you do all the up-front work in setting it up and either will work just fine for you.
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  • Apothen
    I have worked with Turnover in my previous job and is currently working with Aldon for my current job. I think from the prespective of AS/400 development, Turnover is a better tool. The process and the environment setup (configuration) is a lot more intuitive than that of Aldon. I think recently softlanding integrated there tools with a PC/Cleint Server change management tool maker called Merant. So might get a complete package from them. Ajish
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  • Rcvernors
    I have no experience with Aldon. However, I have used Turnover for 4 years and it works great. Softlanding also provides good support.
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  • Dad1989
    We are a very small shop (3 developers, including the manager) without major development--but enough to fan the flames of regulatory inquiries. I was in a similar situation in June (2004) due in large part to Sarbox. We did extensive web-based demos with Q&A. Previous responses match some of the feedback we received during our search. The native AS/400 User Interface with Aldon was much more familiar in appearance and operation and thus looked like it would bring less of a learning curve. Turnover looked much more flexible in setting up and using environments on the fly, but Aldon's seemingly more rigid environment boundaries appealed to our wishes to keep us safe from ourselves. Turnover appeared to have much better reporting already established as options in the package. Aldon reporting amounted to 'we have log files. roll your own reporting.' We ended up choosing Aldon because there is a strong business relationship between our major software supplier and Aldon--our vendor uses Aldon themselves. Secondarily, the Aldon software looked like it would be our quickest to adapt to for our urgent regulatory purposes. We are generally satisfied with Aldon's change management package. Evaluate the companies closely as I experienced what I consider significant differences on the sales and sales-support side. As a company, SoftLanding was much more in line with my own company's technology and customer strategy. Had we not been so pressed to implement change management, we may have chosen differently.
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  • cblanch
    At past companies I have used Aldon, TurnOver and MKS.  At my current company no change management software is used.  A few days ago an incident occurred which highlighted our need for change management software.  It's been three years since I used any software.  Will any of the software packages send an e-mail or message when someone has changed source in an emergency situation that you have checked out for a project?  One programmer is at another location and needs to know when this type of change is made and put into production.   
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