Change IP address on an AS400 OUTQ

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Is there a way to change an IP address on a printer without having to delete and add it?

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Are you talking about a remote output queue or a LAN attached printer?

For a LAN attached printer:
1) WRKWTR and do a #4 to End the writer
2) WRKCFGSTS *DEV *PRT and use #2 to vary off the device, then #8 to Work with description
then #2 to change, then page/roll and change the IP
3) Vary the device on
4) wrkwtr and start the print writer

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  • pdraebel
    I tend never to have IP adresses in either Device Descriptions or Remote OUtqs. Instead I use names and the iSeries TCP host table (CFGTCP option 10). When a printer'sd IP adress changes, all you have to do is change the host table. It could well be that the change to the IP table is prohibited because the IP address you are about to change is in use. In that case you should end writers, vary off devices etc... In order for the IP change to be effective you would have to end and restart the devices/outq's anyway.
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  • Reda Mincy
    Great minds think alike, but your comments take our issue to a deeper level. Can you please explain more of what you mean by
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  • crashmatrix
    I tried this and it worked up to the end where i got an "IOSYSCFG special authority is required" I thought i had enough rights.... Don't know how to get the correct permissions.
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  • TomLiotta
    To get the required 'special authority', you need to have another profile give it to you. That profile must have *IOSYSCFG (or be able to obtain it through adoption or through group authority) and must also have sufficient authority to change your profile. Ask your system security officer or administrator. -- Tom
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  • TomLiotta
    A host name can be added to the system hosts table through option 10 of the CFGTCP menu or through the ADDTCPHTE (Add TCP/IP Host Table Entry) command. By using a name from the hosts table, the outq doesn't need to be changed if the address changes in the future. The address can be changed in the hosts table instead. Potentially even better, have the host name and address added to your local DNS. Then any system, including your AS/400 and any PCs, can have the address automatically updated whenever the DNS entry is updated. -- Tom
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