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A few people who I sent email to say that my font is too small. How can I change the size permanently (I know I can change on each email). But I don't want to have to do that for every email. I tried playing with fonts in Preferences but that is only for style.

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Hello Lgentile, thank you for contributing to ITKnowledge Exchange. Allow me to reference one of the tips we’ve run on, entitled: Use a notes.ini setting to adjust font sizes in Lotus Notes. I hope that it helps you.

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  • Kmpgmr
    The ini setting actually only changes the display if I understand it correctly. What may be useful is the permanent pen feature. To set permanent pen font 1. Put the document in Edit mode. 2. Choose Text - Text Properties and click the Font tab. 3. Choose preferred font, size, style, and color for your permanent pen. Note You can customize colors by using the color wheel button in the top right corner of the Background Color box. 4. Choose Text - Permanent Pen - Set Permanent Pen Style. Note Notes automatically turns on permanent pen when you set the permanent pen font. To turn on permanent pen 1. Put the document in Edit mode. 2. Choose Text - Permanent Pen - Use Permanent Pen. Note To turn off permanent pen, choose Text - Permanent Pen - Use Permanent Pen. Tip When permanent pen is enabled, you can strike through existing text automatically. Select the text and press SHIFT+BACKSPACE. Notes displays the text in the permanent pen font with strikethrough. To change the permanent pen font and color By default, the permanent pen font is red bold. 1. Choose Text - Text Properties. 2. Click the Font tab. 3. Select a font, size, style, and/or color. 4. Choose Text - Permanent Pen - Set Permanent Pen.
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  • Lgentile
    Thanks so much. I added that line to the .ini file and it worked like a charm.
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  • Zhaobin
    Hi all, i have the same question. And I don't know if you have solved this issue. Modify the .ini file just change the font size displayed for yourself. But can not change the font sent to your friends... I don't know if kmpqmr's suggestion is available, I will check tommorow. But I prefer to know if you have other ideas. Thanks and regards, Zhao
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  • Cutesheraz
    I think this is not a permanent solution because every mail should need be a some clicking like , Text > Permanent Pan > User Permanent Pen.. So we can say this is not solution .. Sheraz Ahmed Khan .. Pakistan
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  • Brijesh

    Try this :

    To change the default fonts in Lotus Notes:
    1. Select File->Preferences->User Preferences
    2. Click "Basics"
    3. If "Small" icons are selected, select "Medium" or "Large"
    4. Click "Default Fonts" button and select a font that is bigger in general than the default fonts selected. For instance, instead of "Times Roman" for the serif font, select "Garamond" and instead of "Helv" or "Arial" for the default sans-serif and/or multilingual font, select "Verdana."
    5. Exit and restart Notes for the changes to take effect.

    Hope this helps.
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