Change character colour in RPG

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I want to change my character colour to RED in RPG program, Can anyone tell how to do this

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Hi Sandeep

If You want to change the source color to red
You need to map the keyboard through the Map tin the AS400
and Set Alt key For letter R as (apl 28) and save it

then go to beginning of the statement which you want to change the color to Red ,press Alt+R and Enter
It will change to Red color.

Hey Sandeep,

What I do is keep a Source Member called ATR with the Source Type TXT that looks like the below. The numbers that are bolded reflects the Hex value for Color attribute. Once you enter the text in the member, DBU the member in the SRCFLIB/SRCF and put those Hex values in via CHG directly under the asterisk. Once done, open up the member and you’ll see the colors. I usually just copy them in and overwrite the comments onto the statements. I never tried the above way, but it sounds pretty cool, so I’m gonna go do that now.

<i>(<b>I just tried doing the above that Reshma put in, and maybe it’s because i’m on Client Access, but I can’t do that mapping. Maybe i’m doing it wrong? Reshma, can you get a little more detailed on your answer? Thanks)</b></i>


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  • graybeard52
    Or do it the "easy" way. Open your source with the editor in RSE. Already colored, and you can choose any colors you like. No source changes needed whatsoever.
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  • BigKat
    :-) - Ha! <rant> Yeah Graybeard52, providing the company you are working at gives you a machine that can run WDSC or the like. I have found we "i-guys" seem to get old machines because we are "just doing that Green Screen stuff" and then won't let us code the new non-Green Screen things anyway! </rant>
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  • BigKat
    in C:\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\Private look for the .kmp file you use and add the following lines under the [KEYBOARD] section
    C-KEY18=apl 22
    A-KEY18=apl 23
    CS-KEY18=apl 26
    C-KEY20=apl 28
    A-KEY20=apl 29
    CS-KEY20=apl 2c
    C-KEY21=apl 30
    A-KEY21=apl 31
    CS-KEY21=apl 34
    C-KEY22=apl 32
    A-KEY22=apl 33
    CS-KEY22=apl 36
    C-KEY26=apl 38
    A-KEY26=apl 39
    CS-KEY26=apl 3c
    CS-KEY31=apl 2a
    C-KEY35=apl 20
    A-KEY35=apl 21
    CS-KEY35=apl 24
    C-KEY50=apl 3a
    A-KEY50=apl 3b
    CS-KEY50=apl 3e
    this will produce colors with CTRL-? = color, ALT-? = reverse color, CTRL-SHFT-? = underline color where B = blue, R = red, W = white, P = pink, Y = yellow, G = green, T = turquoise also CTRL-SHFT-A = blinking (red) Kevin C. Ketzler - Affiliated
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  • graybeard52
    I understand BigKat. Have you looked at R7 ? Much faster, much smaller footprint. I use it on a 2003 machine. The only thing I boosted was memory to 1G.
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, I've got an older version of WDSC (which I haven't done much with yet). Is there a way to get hold of the latest version (for personal use, so I can learn how it works), without paying too much? Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • Eric Witham
    Sweet. It worked. Thanks man.
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  • Sloopy
    Instead of remapping the keyboard, you could use a utility called SEU Magic, from Alex Nubla, at: (I use my own utility, which attaches to SEU as a User Exit Program; but it's so highly integrated with the rest of the utilities that it's difficult to detach it and give it away separately.) Sloopy
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  • Sloopy
    Oh, what's the matter with this editor today?? If I put a URL into a link, it doesn't display! Alex Numbla's utilities are here: So there.
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  • TomLiotta
    If you want a set of colors in a source member, use SDA to create a simple screen format that has examploes of all of the colors you want. Then turn on STRCPYSCN to copy screens to a file,display the screen and ENDCPYSCN. The output file can be copied to a source member and edited. It is then available in a source member for copying colors into any other source member. But it's a bad practice. Non-text characters should not be placed in a source member. It will eventually cause trouble. Tom
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