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i want to change my router software version but i do not know what to do after download the software from cisco website to my pc I how I will copy the software from my pc to the router??

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First get a copy of some TFTP server software. Solarwinds do one for free,

Install this, and run it, pointing the directory to where you have saved the new IOS image for the router.

On the router, connect the serial port of your PC to the CON port of the router, using the cisco console cable (usually light blue). Run Hyperterminal, or better is TeraTerm (old but good), and set the serial port to be 9600, 8 bit, no parity. Press return a few times to confirm that the router responds. Then type the following commands

{enter the password}
dir flash:</b>

At this point make a note of the filename that ends in .bin as this is the existing version of IOS that you have. First we will back this up to your PC.

<b>copy flash: tftp</b>

It will then prompt for the IP address of your PC and ask for the filename, enter the existing filename at this point. Press return to any prompts for confirmation.

You should then see a series of ‘#’ as the copy takes place. When that has finished, do the following

<b>copy tftp flash:</b>

Again it will prompt for the IP address of the PC, and this time you need to type in the new IOS filename. When it asks if you want to erase the flash, forst time answer no, and see if it will fit both into the memory. This is a safeguard in case the new version is not correct.

If the copy starts,then you have enough memory. If it does not and says there is not enough, then you need to erase the flash when it asks. This is safe, as you can always recover if there is a problem with the image you downloaded, or if anything else goes wrong.

Finally, if you erased the flash, then just use the ‘reload’ command, or power off the router and wait for 10 seconds, then power it back on again. If you managed to keep both versions in memory, add the following command.

<b>conf t
system boot flash flash:{new filename}
system boot flash flash:{original filename}
wr mem</b>

then reload, or power off.

When it loads, you should be on the new version. You can check by using the ‘show version’ command.

If you get any errors, please post them here, and we can help you further.

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