CCNA need to know Dos Command line/Registry/shell script???

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For any of Cisco certification job , do we need to know how to do DOS commmand line, fixing registry and writing shell script??? What I actually want to know is does cisco people only dealing with Physical side of newtork such as switch, routing & network configuration. do they need to know much of server side of IT???. If during the job there is a server or computer got crash or fail due to Virus attach, does Cisco people need to know how to fix like regular computer technician????

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to get your cisco certification and work ONLY on network side of IT then NO you do not need to know this. But it is recommended so that you will have a more rounded resume to get a higher paying job and to keep that higher paying job if cuts are in the works later on. You will learn command line because that is the heart of cisco switches but it is the cisco IOS operating system you will be working with, not DOS.

as far as does the cisco tech need to know how to fix the servers if they crash, well that will depend on how large of an organization you work for. If the organization is large enough that they have dedicated network only personnell then no. But you will need that experience to get in the field and work at smaller organizations that cannot afford the speciality of a network only person before you can move in with the big corporations.

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  • Denny Cherry
    I would have to say that having OS knowledge is going to be needed. What happens if you are called on to help fix a server problem? Are you going to want to say that you don't know how to fix Windows? The more knowledge that you have the more valuable to the company you are. And the more valuable you are to the company the higher salary you can demand. As a DBA I don't have to have a very in depth knowledge of the Windows OS. I know lots of DBAs that don't know much about Windows. However when they want to find a new job it takes months to a year, and they do not get much of a raise. When I want to change jobs, one or two interviews, and I've got a new job with a very hefty salary bump. This is because in addition to knowing about SQL Server, I'm also very familiar with the Windows OS, Active Directory, DNS, some networking, IIS, etc.
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  • Sixball
    Having experience with the Windows command line, Linux Shell commands and Server configurations is highly recommended - when you build the netwrok, how are you going to prove its working?
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