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Carlos, You seem to be the "go to" resource for Lotus. Please take a moment and share some of your thoughts. I am very new to Domino and in way over my head on this request. I have been asked to display one of several logos on a form based on the company division. I could use the "Hide If" property of the 'picture' but that would make each form objectionably large as it would contain all of the logos. Ideally I do not want to store even the displayed logo with the form if I can avoid it. My first thought was to put all of the logos on a 'master' form then refer back to the master just like a "Computed for display" field does. Unfortunately I could not see how to apply the "Computed for display" principle to pictures. Another thought was to incorporate some sort of link that would actually display the logo without having to click on it. Can this even be done or am I trying to do something that is impossible? For what it is worth, we are using version 7.0. Thanks and good luck for your race to the Xbox! Alan

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[I see Bucktop39 (in Discussion section, below) has already directed you to the alternate solution I alluded to. That is probably better, but I leave this information here for posterity.]

One easy solution would be to create subforms, one for each division, then insert the subform based on a formula. I would recommend having one generic subform to be used when none of the subform matches the division name.

Someone with more Notes/Domino experience than I have can probably explain how to do this by getting just the logo from an Image Resource based on a formula. I’ve never done that, but assume that it is possible.

For the subform version, create a set of subforms like this:

On the form choose Create > Resource > subform, then check the selection for “Insert Subform based on formula.”

In the Computed Subform Default Formula, make a list of subforms, a list of divisions, then evaluate what subform to display based on the division. The formula must evaluate to the name of the subform as a text value.

The code below assumes that you are getting the division of the current user from some source prior to the form loading, or as the form loads, such as from an environmental variable or a profile form. I am assuming this field is in a hidden field above the subform. It might work below the subform as well. If you have to load the form, then show the subform, there are tips on the web for reloading a form after it has first loaded that will deal with this and make the form load. The basics of that tip is to switch form and switch it right back.

Ideally, all the text values below would be maintained in and retrieved from a database profile form so that you would not have to update the design when a new division. However, the code below hard-codes the values.

GenericSubform := “GenericSubform”;
Divisions := “Division One” : “Division Two”;
Subforms := “Div1Subform” : “Div2Subform”;
subformName := @Replace(Division; Divisions; Subforms);
@if(SubformName = Subforms; SubformName; GenericSubform)

I have not tested any of this, but this is the general idea. Note that in the @if statement, SubformName is compared to the Subforms list. This is a valid comparison. If @replace found a match for Division in the Divisions list, then the resulting SubformName will exist in the Subforms list and the comparison will evaluate to @true. If not, the original Divisions value will be in the subformName variable. The @If statement is designed to substitute the GenericSubform name when this occurs.

Good luck.
Hello Alan.
I liked to see my name on your question.
What I do not like, is having to tell you that I am not a Lotus expert, and I think I will not be able to help you with this requirement, and I currently have no way to try anything on Lotus. I made some research on the web, but no luck.

In the past, I have answered a few questions about Lotus, because I like to help others when I find the time to do it, but in fact, most of my Lotus-related responses were based on research, not on my own expertise.

And about the Xbox contest, I am not even eligible for the prizes, because I don’t reside in the USA (and that’s one of the eligibility clauses of the contest rules). I am just making this contest a little more exciting. 🙂

*** If someone has a usable answer for Alan, please, go ahead.


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  • Bucktop39
    What if you dump all your logos in the 'Shared Resources' section of the db in the Image Resource section, create aliases for each logo then just call them depending on what division in a hidden field at the top of the form. BT
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