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Hello Recently I joined a company, where they are offering me training on AS/400 Administration.I want to know whether I am on right track ie Is there is a good scope ahead in this field?? Please hepl........... Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Visha,

I’ve been an AS/400 adminstrator for more than 20 yrs. A little diversity does help though. If you can spend time as an RPG programmer, learn SQL, understand UNIX basics or have DBA skills will all make you a more valuable as an admin. The major problem is that a large percentage of AS/400 shops are midsized companies with small IM staffs. More often than not the Operations Manager is also the system administrator. I landed my latest job as much for my AS/400 security knowlege and CISA as I did for my sys admin skill set. If you are with a fairly large company or corporation and they are willing to train you and wait while you train, it should go well for you. Lest I forget, admins get to do PTFs upgrades, DR test and System restores. Hope you like long days and all nighters.

Good Luck!

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  • Vishal23
    Thanks DanD for your nice suggestion..... I have done my engineering in computer field so I do have the knowlegde of SQL,Databases,Linux/Unix,network security. Would you suggest me some good Admin books to get started...... Thanx a lot DanD
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  • Vishal23
    Another Question I faced during my training is: How many jobs we can submit to Job Queue using single AS/400 command??
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  • Teandy
    I guess I don't understand the question. I would image the answer would be "As many as you want".
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  • Kevin Beaver
    It certainly couldn't hurt pursuing some training in this area. The more you know about computers/information systems the better off you'll be down the road. I have several clients moving to the AS/400 platform while others move away. I'm pretty sure it's not going anywhere any time soon.
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  • TomLiotta
    How many jobs we can submit to Job Queue using single AS/400 command?? That depends on what the command does. Are we limited just to those commands that are supplied by IBM in a basic installation of i5/OS? Can we include commands from any of IBM's LPPs? Can we include commands from 3rd-party vendors' LPPs? 3rd-party products that are not LPPs? Commands that we write ourselves? Depending on what the question is actually asking, the answer would range from zero to as many as the target system can handle. I might suspect that the question is about SBMJOB, but that's certainly not stated by the question. Maybe it's about SBMDBJOB or even SBMNETJOB. How many "jobs" might be submitted through either of those? I'd hate to take that test. Tom
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  • 21285
    Hi Dan And All, Is there any job opening for AS400 Admin i am having 3 years of exp, and looking change. currently working as AS400 admin with Essar Group. Thanks.... Sachin
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  • ASjob
    Hi All, I am currently working as AS400 Admin under JDA MMS having 10 month of exp. I would like to more about AS 400 administration, like Job openings, future of AS400 Admin, materials that helps to know more about AS400 administration etc..hope your valuable points.. Thnx & Regards S Mohan
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  • Dipakbhamare
    Hi I am Dipak, I am as400 server admin, But i dont know how to install OS/400 operating system if anyone have document or how to installoperating system please tell me process.V5r3 or V5r4 etc.
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  • OldSysAdmin
    You'll need to read the manual.
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  • Featured Member: OldSysAdmin - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] Career in AS/400 Admin [...]
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  • rajashekhar246
    I want to learn AS/400 Security admin. Can anyone suggest to me where can I get good training?
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