Capture job data in AS/400

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AS/400 Active Jobs
AS/400 jobs
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I want to be able to watch a JOB (a user logged into a device with a name)

They get a X-CLOCK every once and a while.

I want to see if I can capture anything from the AS400 side

to see if anything is delaying the responce back to the client...


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it is a RF Vehicle Mount
5250 Emulation
Scanning bar codes as the user moves the items from one bin location to another

every once in a while the 5250 will display the X-CLOCK for 20-60 seconds

we have a Wireless LAN Controller in place
Even added one mor eAccedd Point
Chenged RF Units

but still when they are goinb in a move item around mode the X-CLOCK happens

I see nothing in the DSPLOG

just wondering if there is someting else I can look at to see what the delay from the HOST to the Client

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  • TomLiotta
    They get a X-CLOCK every once and a while. "They"? Is this a general condition? Or is it for specific users? Is it an unpredictable condition or is it in particular parts of an application? Depending on some characteristics, you might want a different method for narrowing it down. Some basic human thought can significantly reduce some of the potential data. Any description you can give of known circumstances might be helpful. (I've worked with systems that can produce GBs of data in a very short time, so I might be over sensitive.) Tom
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  • Ibmmer
    I would try running a connection trace using the trccnn command. You can trace connection between two hosts; certain protocols and ports. If you are unfamiliar with the command I strongly recommend you seek your administrator for assistance or call IBM support. More situation details would be helpful but connection issues like this are commonly related to current network conditions and overall network health.
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  • TomLiotta
    I see nothing in the DSPLOG The history log probably won't show anything useful. The simplest logging item that might show anything would be the message queue that is specified in the QCFGMSGQ system value. If it's not configured, create a message queue and set the system value to point to it. It's not good for detail like you're after, but it can log errors in communications items. A dedicated message queue helps keep these from being buried in more general queues. I've been thinking about this and also hoping someone else would have something to add. I'll comment on the second part first. Create a new question and reference this one. The new question should focus on the wireless element and include some tech description of the equipment. What you'll ask about will be how to trace or track the wireless communication link. I can't come up with anything that really points to something on the server side... unless... If other non-RF 5250 access also shows similar behavior, then more normal performance investigation might help. But I'm not sure that anything will show up on the server side if communications traces are run. You could run STRCMNTRC to get timing info into and out of the the adapter on the server. Better, the TRCTCPAPP command might let you focus on the *TELNET activity just for the specific 5250 device types used for your RF connections. It doesn't take a lot of practice to learn some variations of those that apply to different circumstances. It could be that the timings will show delays on the server side. If other telnet apps aren't showing similar, then performance traces of the application, probably via Performance Explorer (PEX), will be helpful. But I'd recommend looking first at the access point (or router or whatever it is). I have no info if something like Wireshark (Ethereal), Kismet, Tcpdump or one of the other sniffers might help. IIRC, Kismet might have some wireless help for you; but others might have more. It's certainly not my area. A new dedicated question might let you get a discussion going that will confirm or deny which component needs to be looked at. That's as much as I can say unless some solid data points to the server side. Tom
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  • avi416
    1 .trace the job 2. log lever 4 0 *seclvl 3. audit the user who runs the job 4. ping a lot to get time delays
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