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hi all, we are able to send mails but are not able to receive from the problem with DNS or routing or anything else ? thanks for help...

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It could be both but i’m most certain it has something to do with the DNS settings on the account domain. Note that if you have a POP3 account you wont be able to receive any until you use a POP3 downloaded. If you have a catch-all account for instance, the domain account DNS should be pointed to the SMTP server. I use NO-IP services for this system on 7 servers. Everyone is happy and no complaints so far.


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  • Gamsas
    Its definelty a DNS problem. First you have got to regester your domain, secondly you have got to configure your MX record and A record on your extrenal DNS
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  • Ramheka
    you need to be more specific what layout you have were you able to send and recieve before, do you host your own mail server what type of firewall do you have is it configured properly, did your ISP add the correct MX record to thier dns
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  • Itspec
    Definitely need more information. How do you know you can't recv emails? Have senders recv'd failure notifications? Can you ping your SMTP or POP server from the outside?, as others have posted, are the correct DNS (MX) settings there. Is your domain registered properly? Can you yourself send an email to yourself?
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  • TedRizzi
    Try sending yourself an email from a web based account. and see what the bounce notification says that is returned to you.. that will give you some idea as to what the problem Is
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  • Jpagel
    Ok, For one more information is necessary for a solution to this problem, what makes you think that it is a DNS issue if you are able to send outbound, you are connecting to the same server to send/receive, so if you can send you should be able to recieve. Are you using outlook? Outlook Express? Web based email? It could simply be that your inbox.dbx has gotten to full, and needs to be renamed, what operating system are you using? are you on a Network w/ a server? or is this a home PC with DSL/or cable? Please provide more information for a solution...and it 'could' be DNS, is it for sure, not necessarly.
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  • Nfeliciano
    Pretty much previous replies may have already covered this but, you may need to provide more information concerning your issue to be able to pinpoint (rather than shoot in the dark) the cause of your issue. You might simply want to go to an external site such as and check your MX records. If it can't resolve then you know it is your DNS, but if it can then you'll need to see what error others are getting when sending email to you. Also, if you have some type of spam filter, then check to see if your email is being trapped by the filter. I'm sorry if I've repeated something you've already heard, but more information would help.
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