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I have a compaq genuineIntel computer running win98se with an onboard soundcard.When I try to play music it tells me it cant playback the audio stream,no audio h/w available or is not responding.I removed the hardware(sound,video&game controllers)through device manager.Upon restarting ,it recognises the new h/w and goes forth to installing s/w for it and midway installing, it says 'the audio h/w is not responding correctly.Run setup and reset your h/w configuration'.I click ok to the message and windows continues to load .I had downloaded the correct driver i.e SoundMax intergrated digital audio and if I run the setup, it installs the s/w with no problem .I go to the devices option in multimedia in control panel and to the audio devices and check the properties of audio soundmax inter' and its status says that the driver is enabled but inactive due to unknown problem. I cant figure out the problem and I need some insights to what could be causing this.I will really appreciate.

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the problem ur facing migth be problem with the hardware itself.before concluding that it is h/w problem.try this following options
1.check in the bios sound options if possible try to update the bios for that system if available.

2.install win2kprofessional and download the compatible drivers from the net and update the drivers see whether the problem still persists. the system and note down the motherboard details and download the drivers for that particular motherboard from the net and check .

4.if the system is under warranty call the dealer and try to fix the problem.

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  • MsredSonya
    Hi Joshu, Well, you did a great job explaining your problem. First, please read over what I have posted as possible solutions or remedies to your problem before you attempt any changes to your OS. Some of my offerings may make more sense than the other suggestions depending on your personal situation. Only you can be the judge of that. Go into the BIOS (hit the DELETE key during the system memory count) and see if the integrated sound somehow became disabled. (Whatever system of keys you use to enter setup, those keys or sequences of keys is what you will use to bring up your BIOS. In a HP computer a person can get to it through Help and system settings--worst case scenario. ) If you are not familiar with short cut keys this is a good site teaching site. Your on board sound needs to be enabled in bios. If you are attempting to use this for a game sometimes certain games will require adjustments in the parallel port. If this is so (you are using the sound card for a game)...try setting your BIOS setup, the parallel port to EPP mode. If your BIOS looks okay (and you do not think anything could have happened internally inside your PC to the BIOS)...have a look in Device Manager. If the Device Manager displays your sound card as having a problem, but your resources tab reports no conflicts, try changing the basic configuration to 0002. If none of the above solutions seem viable another trouble shooting option is the SoundMax website. Their site offers an "Audio healthcheck". You could also try downloading their Audio driver (SoundMAX) for Windows 98SE/2000/X The website states "This package provides the audio driver for Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/XP" "This package enables or updates the audio function of the following ThinkPad computers:" "(New) Support for Windows 98SE.(added)" so it would appear to be compatible with your OS. Be sure to look over their site and the READ ME file README for Audio driver (SoundMAX) for Windows 98SE/2000/XP concerning the download from their site before proceeding with any changes to your PC or OS, as there is always a danger and risk anytime you would download or transfer any files over the Internet. You can also refer to the US GOVERNMENT CERT'S website for their Daily alerts regarding IT activity concerning this. as well as the United States Department of Justice CyberCrime website I hope I was of some assistance and that you will be able to resolve your sound issue. If there is anything else I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask. Sonya Chappelear GarrettKoch
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  • Joshuu
    just a small input.I stated to use this computer just recently and I used the same hdd that I was using in another computer which apparently had no soundcard.I dont know if this computer that Iam using used to play music.Meanwhile I checked with the bios as some suggested but it looks ok to me.
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  • NetminderEE
    I'm betting that since it's a Win98SE system, you probably need to update the driver. Go to, type in the model number of the computer, and you'll get a list of all the drivers for it. Go to your control panel, open up the system, find the device, and then click the Update Driver for it.
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