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For the life of me can't seem to setup my server. I have 2 Nics for extra security and what is recommended for Remote Access. This worked with SBS but I just installed windows 2003 server and want to setup remote access server and exchange 2007 I have the external card: IP Subnet Gateway DNS Internal Card IP Subnet no gateway DNS DHPC options: 003 router: 006 DNS server: 015 DNS domain name: company.local There are no errors in the Event log to point to DNS issues or DHCP issues. I can't ping either IP from any workstation. The server can get internet access What could i be missing?

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I’m at somewhat of a loss to understand why you’re using a second NIC for “extra security” – unless perhaps the external NIC is for your remote access.

If I read your description corrrectly, it looks like your DHCP server is handing out external addresses – but you didn’t confirm that – or tie it to a specific interface.

What I’d recommend is that you hand-configure a couple of IP addresses on the inside and outside and leave the DHCP configuration out of the picture until you have basic IP connectivity working.

Since you provided your DNS IP address (if accurate), you appear to be a commercial Comcast subscriber in the San Francisco/San Jose, California area. I hope the 192.168 addresses you provided were supplied to just keep your address private. If not, there may be other issues.

Open a command prompt and type “arp -a [Enter]” to see if your server has contact with anything else.

Also double-check that you haven’t switched the inside and outside NIC connections.

Write back with a better picture, and we’ll try again.


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  • Calitech
    Well I found that the router might be hanging me up. I was assigning my Workstation a static IP from the router and I had internet access. I removed the router and configured the server with comcast's cable modem ip number and everything works. I know need to know how I can configure my router to work inbetween the server and the modem. I am trying to setup a static ip for the first time because I want to use VPN and exchange. Any pointers?
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  • Bobkberg
    Ok, the picture is clearer now. If your setup matches other Comcast commercial installations I've seen, then the "router" is actually a Comcast-branded SMC Firewall/Router. Since you have a firewall, I still don't understand why you need two NICs - on different networks for this server. When you say "I was configuring my workstation with a static IP from the router" this could mean a number of things. I'm sorry to be unhelpful, but frankly, I'd suggest that you find a local consultant who knows their networking. You seem to be confused enough about the pieces that you have in place that you'd do better with someone who can put it together and maybe even document it for you. Installing the Exchange server may require a different consultant/contractor depending on their particular knowledge base, unless you happen to know that area well enough. Good luck, Bob
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